Wo kabhi mujhe dhunda karti thi,
kabhi chhupke kahin,
kabhi bas yunhi....

Wo kabhi mujhe dhunda karti thi,
idhar,udhar, har jagah,
kabhi bas yunhi...

Wo kabhi mujhe sehlaya karti thi,
Jab mai rota raaton ke ghere me,
Mai use odh ke so jaaya karta tha,
kabhi bas yunhi.....

Wo kabhi roya bhi karti thi,
Aur apne ek buund mere haathon me deti thi
mai jab mangta tha to,
kabhi bas yunhi...

Wo kabhi ziid bhi karti thi,
use ye chahiye, use wo chahiye,
uski duniya me mujhe bulaya karti thi,
kabhi bas yunhi...

Aaj Wo kahin hai, durr kahin,
kahin hai, yahan nehi,
yahan nehi.....

My 99th post.

Indrajit Ghosal

Just like that...

I painted a picture decades ago,
I imaged myself as a fortunate one,
The Masterpiece of mine, in tatters lay,
I, the Master, survey the ruin, aloof, undone.

There was a dream, a sketch of the heart,
And inroads to fondness of an embryonic soul-
that wretched in pieces, buried snowdeep alas!
The prophesy of the golden spring,did depart!

Indrajit Ghosal

Dear Nenu.....

Nenu aka Krishnendu Mitra is my friend from school days & was my football mate in many rainy days. When others would seek shelter, we would play as if our life depended on the sheer game. We chased passion, dream, addiction......... we chased Football!!
This one goes for Nenu & for those days, lost & yet not!!

The sky wears dense robe of gray,
the curtain is about to fall,
Along the mud, swinging you skate -
Nenu! we have a football's date!!

Do you hear the greens gallop and sway?
Do you feel the same old addiction?
The shrill blades of the grasses slash,
from murky feet , to the heart they splash!!

Run! chase, huff where flies the ball,
beat the wind, the rain & the world,
Let's see who slams the winner Mate!
Nenu! we have a Football's Date !!

Indrajit Ghosal


Wo kabhi ek Bacchi, ek Nazuk chiz,
Jaise ek alhad srot Mann ke dehleez,
Jaise soyi aankhon me sapno ke rang -
Indradhanushi... aur ek uska Rang.....
Uska apna......

Wo kabhi ek dost, ek anant chavi,
Jaise Meera ka mann Shyam rang prati,
Jaise lajja se lipti Aasmaan aur laali,
Ujjwal..... mutthibhar Jeevan ki thali....
Ek saath......

Wo kabhi ek Maa, ek yaad, ek hansi,
Jaise ek vivash mann ki chah, khoi hui,
Jaise lautne ki chah un chau me kahin,

ek aangan.... ek pralep yaadon ka.
Wo Maa.....

Indrajit Ghosal

A Promise

The speck of dew at my door,
silenced the screaming mind within,
I knew it was an Encore,
of a promise you made me then.

Every winter a silent blue,
ever since a Spring Maiden's left,
'diamonds' once the eyes that hold,
Icicles they turned - gray and cold.

Promised you once amidst the haze,,
before you slept one last time -
To visit me on such winters harsh,
& place one lost 'diamond' that's mine

Indrajit Ghosal

The week that was......

Probably, I never did this - a peek-a-boo into my life for the previous week. I had long awaited this time off for 5-6 days what with the festive season around. Festivals seemed to follow one after the other - Diwali, Bhaiduuj & a weekend sandwiched in between. This time I did not allow to sadden myself with the longings for my home & somehow managed not to fan the Nostalgic air creeping in. And I loved my time -off.

The vacation started miserably, nonetheless the gala time that ensued made up for the initial days' gloom.
To begin with, my cam showed signs of ageing & a frantic me learnt from the repair center that the Board of the cam had 'Died' (Alas! the damp weather spelt its doom perhaps, I was not using it for long also, Well, Divine Intervention could well be a possibility) & the amount required would amount equivalent to my Room rent. A dampener before Diwali nonetheless, but some mornings not quite always show the day, right?

"Wake up Sid' - Watched the movie in a PVR and would recommend to all and sundry. 'Coming of age movies', ' A movie ' English in expression, Hindi in Language' is how the tabloids praised it and yes it was indeed. Almost on the lines of Dil Chahta Hai ( it was though more extensive, 'Sid' is simple, with Bombay as it's heart.... & Do I hear Raj Thakarey snigger? He likes his city as 'Mumbai' ).
The songs were brilliant, esp the song' Ektara' sung by Kavita Seth (of 'Mujhe mat roko' song from 'Gangster' movie fame, though don't watch the movie, listen to the Sufi rendition of 'Mujhe mat roko') simply defined the movie & bridged the transition phase of a Slacker Sid to A different Sid- growing up, responsible, matured. Must watch.

Watched the DVD of 'UP' - an Animated movie, another sweet tale in the South America with a lil Wilderness explorer & an aged adventurist and the perils they faced, thus emerging winners. Lil Explorer lacked only 1 medal in his kitty, which he would get once he gets to help an Elderly in a Wilderness trip... sounds cute, right? There are many more such moments.

Then there's Nusrat Fateh Ali Saab's Sufi soulful songs, & esp his concerts in 1990, London, that I have been listening to recently. I don't know much about the Ragas, it's Gharanas, Shailis etc etc , yet I was tranced everytime I heard him. Max durations of some of his Classicals went upto 30 mins. There's nothing much better than this for me, which I love when I am left alone. You realise there's another world beyond this one, if you listen to them with undivided attention. It's like a food for the SOul- the bruises get wiped away and you reach a state of Bliss.

Went to Oh Calcutta! - A famed Bengali restaurant of Superior class, and as usual could not resist the Buffet. For the 1st time,Rasagollas were in the Buffet & were dismal (UNEXPECTED). Mangshor Jhol rocked as usual.

& ya, started reading after many months with ' My Name is Red' - Orhan Pamuk's 2006 Nobel winning book. Seems good until now, rather 'interestingly 'different' would be right word.
Well., these were the higlights & just thought to update this in this post.
Take care, be good.
I sign off for now.

The Keeper of My Dreams.....

Even if , one day, far from me you go
to distant shores that I would ne'er know,
Not heeding to my undying pleas-
to stare once more down the boulevard
of so many breathes that casted once ...
you know...... Dreams.........

laced with the fresh dews of Springs,
A Potter's heartmade canvas, baked
in the fresh winter's bubbly sun,
and left in the playfield to soak and
to swing to the beats of a quivering heart...
of Dreams... and Dreams.....

Even if the Dreams dampen and haze away,
it won't be lost, will it? You would be in them,
While I gaze at the splendid creation of mine,
I would always find you, in all those miniatures of my life,
that made my horizon a bottomless spectacle,
you know, I would always come back to you......
you have my Dreams...... My Dreams

Indrajit Ghosal

A Place

A place of all places I did know,
Where reposed the restive soul,
far from the illusions of grandeur,
far from the trumpets of console.

Where went the Castles of yore?
- the Hero, waned away with time,
Every sand that fell from hourglass,
Every battle the Hero never won!!

Solitude! hark! let the role reverse,
Not you, but me, let me you chase!,
Encore of the 'Beauty, lost and found'.
A run towards the crimson life's maze.

Beauty - in the Beloved's Carol.
Bliss - in the ache of a song,
Life that waits to be tickled yet,
That is where I do belong.

Indrajit Ghosal

Nameless poem!! :p

Life's morbid game, I partake why?
I chose so or destined am I?
never I knew, that dreams too lie,
Where I stand, who do I defy?

My epitaph's composed, hear the cry !
a Sonata string, in broken lie,
My dreams, Heavens! refused to sigh!
treacherous sword, O!! I can't defy.

No! none can vanquish me but I,
A speck of fire smoulder; Burn I !
I want to live once more before I die.
I want to live once more before I die.

Note- This is just a poem and the thoughts do not point to anything specific. Thanks

Indrajit Ghosal

Ek bachpan tha.....

Ek bachpan tha, aur ek tha mai,
Us jheel ka kinara, wo shaam surmay,
ujjwal dwipt abha tha komal charo or,
fir aaj kyo na aaye, wo matwari bhor ?

Kis chah ne mujhe rijhaya,
kis adharo ne vivash kiya,
Ujala to is paar bhi hove,
fir kyo na aaj ye mann rijhaye ?

Tab mai tha ya ab mai hoon?
wo kaun reh gaya, jise aaj dhundu?
Wo kyo mujhse durr reh jaye?
Wo bachpan fir kyo na aaye?

Indrajit Ghosal

Buy me some time

Buy me some time, my Dreams await,
buy me some time, defying fate.
those foregone ramblings of the mind,
O! let me my Solitude taste.

Buy me some time, from timeless days
buy me some time, from yesterdays,
The lost Pearl from the Shells I seek,
O! let me soak in that sylvan gaze.

Buy me some time, from the 'morrows,
buy me some time, eclipsing sorrows,
Those that are mine, the moments gone,
Those that will be a golden Sojourn.

Indrajit Ghosal

Ek shaam thodi maili si

Ek shaam thodi maili si,
Dhup ki pighalti lau ki tarah -
wo shaam kay aanchal kay rang me,
ranga hai aaj ye mann bhi-
ye shaam thodi maili si....

Ghar ko chale bawra hawa,
peeche reh gaye us hawa ke
chore hue kuch bikhre panne,
maano mere Mann kay swarup ho jaisa,
Koi sajaakar, fir bikharkar cher gaya.
wo shaam.... thodi maili si....

Ek aasmaan mera reh gaya,
ek hansi chuke chali gayee,
ek mera aks reh gaya dhundla sa,
us dhundli shaam me pighal gaya-
Ek wo shaam.. thodi maili si...

Indrajit Ghosal

A Fairy's Tale -

Long long time ago, once there lived a Fairy Sweet,
The auburn hair- a song of Night in golden sanddunes' fleet
Eyes were the 'Nimbus' , graced sharp in lone reddish fleck,
A speck of dawn dissolved in roses, painted the cheeks' deck.

And Long long time ago, there lived one Fairy Sweet ,
her Lips canvas clear where Art and it’s Artiste meet,
A face -'twas true, Ah! like one Undying teardrop's hymn,
A smile that was of an Adolescents' bubbling dream,

And Long long time ago, there lived a Fairy Sweet,
She strolled tiptoe like Eve - 'the Virgin Woman' meek,
A Voice sylvan like the Cradle of breeze caressing the gentle Green,
And Long long time ago, once, there lived a Fairy unseen.

P>S - Eyes were the 'Nimbus' , graced sharp in lone reddish fleck, - Nimbus Clouds are normally sharp and stretches in shape, and so I made the eyes to be like that. In some Eyes, within the White of the Eyes, we can see a thin line of red always existing. And so I came up with this line.

Indrajit Ghosal, 2009

A Little More -

A Little more of my Sky Mama,
A little more of the tender Breeze,
A little more of the hazed fondness
A little more of your renal kiss.

A Little more of my share Mama,
A litrle more of the lost sliver,
A little more of your timeless refuge,
A little more of the mellowed whisper..

Indrajit Ghosal


Viles and mock leapt unstopped,
Sunken, the victim, stoically bears,

Heart, never so heartless,
Yet a nemesis, crossly peers.

Mother! What does a rebel know-
a sacred lake onlooking Eternity.

Love, her love, O pity!
Scorned, in the alters captivity.

O Beloved!

O Beloved! Where are you please?
I stare towards the time bygone.
and peek into the shores of my heart-
forlorn, it grieves like a moonless night.

O Beloved! Where are you please?
I heard your footsteps yesterday,
Was that my Effluvia of Insanity?
Or desertion of the last glint from the eyes?

O Beloved! Where are you please?
One breathe echoes in the emptyness.
it's other twins battle the duality -
Of sweet misery and longings O so profound!

Indrajit Ghosal

It's Appraisal Time!!!

Dear people -

It's time to get official now and so, I permit myself to enter among the Hordes of employees, agog with seemingly excited state (overflowing?) to get their pay hikes, and to get many many elucidations from the 'Powers that be '(Apparently?) to wax eloquent of the organisation (ever prosperous, inspite of hiccups, well... seemingly!) and with their venerable gestures (Manipulation) towards esteeming your future and boosting your stay for 1 more year(huff... )

Well, it's appraisal around the corner(sigh) in many Organisations and I too unwillingly would be a victim(or victor?)

It's that time of the year, when you are told how good you are and inspite of it, how good you are not! How esteemed you are and still you should not undermine your talents(it's a given that you have all the talent that goes for the making of an epitome of SUCCESS).

After the formal rounds of filling up your appraisal form online and allow others to provide yoru feedback you have a face -off with your OM. All formalities are discussed, all plannings for teh next year, what went well, what not, blah blah, till the time you almost feel like jumping over the table pleading to know your hike and the rating. You are least interested about the outcome, as that's the way things play out... It's a long way to the Highway before you know your 'hike' (or the absence of it, depending on how much of a Philosopher you are)

'So you deserve the best hike, the best place, the best position in the best company (that's the Top Brass Moron parroting his words straight from his 'heart', and that's what he's been sincerely doing since ages and the best company is ofcourse 'this one')
and you have tremendous potential to really go beyond your present performance scale and do eeeven better.(I never knew it, really, low self-esteem case may be)
He continues 'but you know , you got to give in soemthing extra, something that makes you stand apart from others. And I really believe that you too can. Can't you( CAN'T YOU is said in a baritone, a certain intonation comes up from the Powerful Moron).'
And more follows, of what all you did, and what you did not, with a cunning smile lingering from the face like that of an intelligent seasoned swindler)
'Yes sir' . Well do you have a choice here? My experience says NO. If you say 'No' to the Monkeyman's question, he would stat with his littany of bumblings (that's what he's paid for) and till the time you are convinced(politely, their message will seep into you) you would again feel exhausted. But the Sober Monkey, sitting inside the board room, will explain you further of why, and why patiently) you are not capable to get a rating of 5 and though you have got arating of 4 why simply why (He's desperate to make you good, bad and sad at the same time... tha's called ART and he, the MonGoose , is the master) you also deserve more than just '4'.

So, your rating is 4. Period. So much for such an appraisal, that too from such Ill-Eqipped Top Management's Pauper! Who would catch you in a conversation, while peeing and you curse the moment as to why and why the peeing time of both of you COLLIDED!!.... Who in a meeting with the Client team, where i was also a part of with other teams, blurt out....'' I also use Huggies.... For my kids'''. The background was a formal discussion on Sanitary products, of Kimberly Clark and the entire Client team was sitting there.

And such Wimps judge you.... Life can make you a butt of it's jokes, when you face such Jokers with their Toilet humors......


Wrote it almost a year ago-

Time skipping in breathless flow,
amid the screaming void in soul,
in nothingness the soul remains,
Life,drags in stillness and slow...

Oh Beethoven , you, yes you!
come out with your sonatas a few,
Play them till I nurse my soul,
away from void ,living anew.

Begum Apa , where's your Thumri , lady?
the one you sung once in royale court,
bring the moist rain in your melodies,
to drench my follicles in Springs float..

You O Mystic Sufis , sing once more,
to the Almighty's grace and beauties.
let me dissolve in the sublime love,
and absorb in arms of Beloved's Bounties.

Copyright(c)Indrajit Ghosal 2009

O Heart!

Bruised O heart ! why wary you be,
Colors sputtered in red so long!
Havoc outlived your recesses,
Alive! O How you can still be?

Hit and mishit, the game is on,
in pieces of slivers you breathe,
aren't you hurt the most O heart?
Heart O heart ! How there You still live?

Loved and disowned, in spite's cauldron,
What madness makes you so calm.
They came for you again, you Loner!
O Mercy be upon your soul.

Dissolve , disappear run I say!
for you must live and live O please!
Scream in in the rage of reddish glow,
you aren't beaten, no you are not.

Copyright(c) reserved Indrajit Ghosal 2008

Your Guardian - A lyric

Love me now, the time is this girl,

O You ,in my arms merrily curl,

Unleash the dreams all that we've seen,

let's go to places,we've always been.

Fingers entwined in timeless innocence,

You be mine, in the heart's recesses,

Hold me deepest in your embrace,

let not the morrows find a place.

Nothing is meant forever Alas!

It’s only now that we possess,

Love would hold my voyage ever true,

Thn Love me now, hold this moment true.

For who knows when tomorrow dawns,

and you find me in your faraway song,

The lilting breeze I might ever be,

kissing your hair, but you can't see.

My love then would rain impassioned droplets,

Whenever you turn restive in pain,

Trust me,I would be your morning sun ,

Your joyous gateway of life, your guardian.

Indrajit Ghosal

The Eyes Beckon

The eyes beckon from afar,
to the oasis of the heart.
Ripples splash in whispers mellowed
in a lyrical stroke of Sonata.

The eyes paint my vibrant soul,
in bashful waves of dense blue.
My cosmic sky dwells encased-
safe beneath those eyelashes.

Indrajit Ghosal

Love's Labour Lost

The songs of yore is today a lament,
the dreams border on sniffled nightmares-
Clouds spell a looming sadness,
restless soul to the memories chase.

The fountain that was brimming once,
subdued it falls in a random gait-
An ocean of love transpires to droplets,
Love breathes forlorn in faraway shores.

Crystal blue sky is touched up with gray,
the glowing eyes cringe with the stroke of light-
Undone promises to Eternity lays buried there-
where 'Love'- a beautiful epitaph today remains.

Indrajit Ghosal
"Welcome To Idea Customer Care "

Beamed the computerized lady’s voice in a robotic-sweet tone.
And then started my woes.. To quote a Blogger’s words,’ Forever seemed no end.’

Let me give you a backdrop here-

My Idea connection , hyper-regularly gets me all the unwanted updates, by varius modes-
e.g computerized bugger voice, sms etc, of which I pay no heed.
2 days ago, as per instruction, that I casually followed dialed a no which was tollfree,
And assumed to be sending me a joke with rs 1 per day.
I thought it was just for the day and it would be over then.(Well, there were other options too and I don’t crave for such darn jokes, but I thought rather than dialing other weird options,. I opted for this).

Nothing happened.
Within a few hours, I received a confirmation sms, stating ‘ your sms joke pack has been activated and you wold be charged rs 1 /day.
What!! I never wanted that, or was I taking their earlier message casually. I never wanted this humbug of inundating my life with smses(as if the promo calls and smses wee not enough).
And then I called up what they call ‘ Idea Customer Care.’
I could not reach the Associate after 1st 5-6 attempts.
Then, I was getting connected to a instrumental. Almost a copied version of ‘Rab Ne Banadi Jodi’ Did I also hear a line or two there from the same movie?

And then Voila! I got to speak with the Saviour- the Executive graced my poor self and
I expressed my concern-That I want to get rid of that stupid activation ‘Sir’.
Yes, I called him SIR- I was at his mercy ironically- what if he uts me in that melody again till eternity? He seemed to be in so hurry – every word he mumbled, every instructions he cohorted bore the resemblance of a RESTLESS soldier, standing infront of the Berlin Wall to collapse, so that he could meet his ‘Clan’ on the other side of the world!!
Yes , he was of course a busy body and so I am glad he came out to bail me..

He rushed through my verification twice( well, he said he could not hear me out the 1st time- I thought he echoed my feelings!
Then he said in a manner of someone possessed ‘ Sir, aapka sms wala pack deactivate ho jayega- Confirmaion no aapko 2 hrs me mil jayega’
(Sr,Your sms concern would be solved and you would get the confirmation no in 2 hours’)
I said’ Well. Please provide me with the confirmation no here, so that I could ca….

Sir interrupted’ we can’t , you would get in 2 hours’

I asked ‘ So you mean to s…..’
He rushed through “ Idea me call karne ke liye dhanyavaad.’ And bang went the phone.
He left me in the lurch and gone- Well I am honored for your mercy Mr Executive.

And guess what- within 2 hours I got a sms’ Ab pesh hai aapke liye naye gaane 2009 ke liye, chuniye hasseeen gaane aur lijiye inam, call charges 6.99/min…

Which implies

(( Now we present new and beautiful songs for 2009, download them and enjoy. Call charges 6.99/min…)

So much for 1 silly call.
And I am still waiting for that sms and getting 1 stupid sms daily
-rs1/day only….

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