We parted ways beneath the desert moon ages ago Afreen,
Vagabonds linger and rests sometimes passing by the spot Afreen,
Their hearts of longing, distant from their beloved homeland Afreen,
Do they too smell the desert, of  love I  buried ages ago Afreen?
Your lashing hair, the ragas that your eyes conjured at nights Afreen,
Words like pashmeen, when roses blended with Heaven for me Afreen,
Lightning, flutter, youthful,wild, with ripening smile-glory was you Afreen,
do wearied travellers today  bow down to the times we'd spent Afreen?

The gypsy storms, the wilderness, the trials of the days Afreen,
those magical nights danced as we melted under the sky Afreen
You were my zikr before all, you  my favourite Eid desert Afreen,
I am  you, in the desert storms today; with you, my desert rose Afreen!




Ab khali jaan baaki hai
unki amanat se saji hai
unki rang wali rooh pehne
unme ghuli huwi hai.

ye jaan hi to hai
unme dhalti bikherti hai
raat ki andhiyari mein
unki saanse chunti hai.

ye jaan ek fitoor hi to hai
bhatakna aadat bani hai
Manjeere ke sur mein
unki adhuri sargam bani hai.

ye jaan ab mitti hai
unki baarish me ghula hai
sondhi si khusbu baney
unki kyaari mein basi hai   (c)ig

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