My paperboat has set sail,
roughing the storms and tumbles,
hinder not it's way tonight,
It's sailing , far from shambles.

The spirited wind cries hoarse,
Rain patters unfriendly guise,
Up and down and through the town,
My paperboat sways and rise.

Make way for it's fate tonight,
It sails past infinity.
Bearing the mast of victory -
to carve a mark in Eternity.


The circle of life.

Time just fades to the next tide,
seconds transit to make an hour,
another breathe melts with the dark,
the circle of life goes on.

A passage of life from innocence,
Thames flows to the song of youth,
Return to the wombs would Thames one day,
the circle of life then would resume again

Indrajit G.

And why...

And why am I in the race?
Where did I fall behind?
No perspective, no say,
why I see the falling blinds.... falling and falling and falling?

When did the world left me?
Why don't I find a soul fonder.....
to sleep me through the rough tides?
and wake me with the kiss of life....deeper and deeper and further?

Where did my palace disappear?
Or is it the fog's treason....
veiling the palace like one erstwhile love...
buried snowdeep, going, going and .... gone?

P.s - Just an imagination. The snow would give way to the light.AMEN.

Norma Jean

Ages roll in specks of dream,
sometimes dust, sometimes mellow green,
Open eyes despair for a fleeting glance,
Closed eyes discover you Norma Jean.....

The drapes and the wind rage a war,
the mightier shall arise to win,
Fickle rays when stream to the heart,
There, from my window, I see Norma Jean...

In the kohl of the twilights I gaze,
in every glisten of rain I've been,
Hidden in my heart's promenade,
why then I seek you Norma Jean?

Nights paved way to midnights,
and midnights turned to morning's sheen.
An erstwhile sailor clings to live and laugh
with you my love, my Norma Jean.....

Indrajit Ghosal

My Ghobchu writes.........

So do you miss calling me...
Running to the bricks and stone,
‘Ghobchu, come quick, it’s cold here,’
In wee hours, as cold waves moan?

I would follow, run past you,
Leading you inside your place,
My comfy home awaited,
To your legs, I buried my face.

So do you miss my breathe tonight..,
insecure quaking of my heartbeats?

‘you are strong, my fighter you are’,
You uttered as you missed few beats.
Layers of clothes over me,
I remained cuddled in your arms,
You put me inside my room,
Came every sec I raised alarms.

So do you miss my spirits,
Undoing your hurdles everytime?

‘this time I restrict your space’
Your prophecy failed, I cared a dime.
Everywhere I poohed and peed,
I was beyond your confines,
A tired you moped day and night
I knew you loved me oh! So deep.

So do you miss me banging ...
at your doors till you open?

‘ his inner strengths makes him bear’
You mused ‘ winters took his bros’.
You would never know I called,
Like I did in wee hours,
I took your love with me dear,
When it did me in- stern winters.


Beyond the hills and through the dales,
there floats the swerve of shapely clouds,
The veiled sun in it's primeval guise,
Night's dewdrops beneath me skates.

Beyond my heart and through the soul,
lumps dormant whirl in crisscross lanes,
A veil of smile , untied shoelace.
My stillborn love, my ashened fireplace.

Indrajit Ghosal


Why should I seek forgiveness?
You chose me as the unfaithful!
My Lord, my Hero, you knew it all,
My betrayal you foresaw,
you also,foresaw your crucifixion.

I bore the hatred, I lived them all,
Mercy- you stripped me too,of my pride,
Thirty pieces of silver maketh a Traitor-
Condemnation- The price I paid
while you hatched a plot for Eternity!!

You were the one who once befriended,
and honored the Son of a Man, My Lord,
Time graced the son of God Immortal ,
while I, your loved Judas - accursed;
My Lord, my Hero, you knew it all.

This is obviously a fictional poem. Additionally this is my 100 th post. Thanks for everything all of you.
Indrajit Ghoshal

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