"Welcome To Idea Customer Care "

Beamed the computerized lady’s voice in a robotic-sweet tone.
And then started my woes.. To quote a Blogger’s words,’ Forever seemed no end.’

Let me give you a backdrop here-

My Idea connection , hyper-regularly gets me all the unwanted updates, by varius modes-
e.g computerized bugger voice, sms etc, of which I pay no heed.
2 days ago, as per instruction, that I casually followed dialed a no which was tollfree,
And assumed to be sending me a joke with rs 1 per day.
I thought it was just for the day and it would be over then.(Well, there were other options too and I don’t crave for such darn jokes, but I thought rather than dialing other weird options,. I opted for this).

Nothing happened.
Within a few hours, I received a confirmation sms, stating ‘ your sms joke pack has been activated and you wold be charged rs 1 /day.
What!! I never wanted that, or was I taking their earlier message casually. I never wanted this humbug of inundating my life with smses(as if the promo calls and smses wee not enough).
And then I called up what they call ‘ Idea Customer Care.’
I could not reach the Associate after 1st 5-6 attempts.
Then, I was getting connected to a instrumental. Almost a copied version of ‘Rab Ne Banadi Jodi’ Did I also hear a line or two there from the same movie?

And then Voila! I got to speak with the Saviour- the Executive graced my poor self and
I expressed my concern-That I want to get rid of that stupid activation ‘Sir’.
Yes, I called him SIR- I was at his mercy ironically- what if he uts me in that melody again till eternity? He seemed to be in so hurry – every word he mumbled, every instructions he cohorted bore the resemblance of a RESTLESS soldier, standing infront of the Berlin Wall to collapse, so that he could meet his ‘Clan’ on the other side of the world!!
Yes , he was of course a busy body and so I am glad he came out to bail me..

He rushed through my verification twice( well, he said he could not hear me out the 1st time- I thought he echoed my feelings!
Then he said in a manner of someone possessed ‘ Sir, aapka sms wala pack deactivate ho jayega- Confirmaion no aapko 2 hrs me mil jayega’
(Sr,Your sms concern would be solved and you would get the confirmation no in 2 hours’)
I said’ Well. Please provide me with the confirmation no here, so that I could ca….

Sir interrupted’ we can’t , you would get in 2 hours’

I asked ‘ So you mean to s…..’
He rushed through “ Idea me call karne ke liye dhanyavaad.’ And bang went the phone.
He left me in the lurch and gone- Well I am honored for your mercy Mr Executive.

And guess what- within 2 hours I got a sms’ Ab pesh hai aapke liye naye gaane 2009 ke liye, chuniye hasseeen gaane aur lijiye inam, call charges 6.99/min…

Which implies

(( Now we present new and beautiful songs for 2009, download them and enjoy. Call charges 6.99/min…)

So much for 1 silly call.
And I am still waiting for that sms and getting 1 stupid sms daily
-rs1/day only….

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    being a fellow idea user, i sympathies with you with all my heart... hope that the jokes that u are most likely to receive despite 'Sir' reassuring u of deactivation of service, are at least funny.

    Happy New Year!


    lol are at least those jokes good enough? :P
    thats kinda dumb, here we can activate and deactivate all the services automatically without calling any stupid customer care..

    Happy New Year btw :P


    ...oh! dont tell me about that!...I intended to broke any telephony dialling connections and living in my dearest and confortable forest, but I need this stress.....


    lol...my sympathies

    happy new yr

    was a funny read


    lol...my sympathies

    happy new yr

    was a funny read


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    !dea and its owner's ideas. Piiich! =O


    he he .. i go thru the same ordeal daily .. glad u too face it .. cheers ..!


    Allow me:
    Ha Ha HA!

    LoL man!


    sorry 2 b irrelevant...but did you go by another screen name INDR Angels or something close ...you had a poetry blog which I wanted to follow..but couldnt find it!!


    after all an IDEA can change ur life :p :d ;)


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