Dear Nenu.....

Nenu aka Krishnendu Mitra is my friend from school days & was my football mate in many rainy days. When others would seek shelter, we would play as if our life depended on the sheer game. We chased passion, dream, addiction......... we chased Football!!
This one goes for Nenu & for those days, lost & yet not!!

The sky wears dense robe of gray,
the curtain is about to fall,
Along the mud, swinging you skate -
Nenu! we have a football's date!!

Do you hear the greens gallop and sway?
Do you feel the same old addiction?
The shrill blades of the grasses slash,
from murky feet , to the heart they splash!!

Run! chase, huff where flies the ball,
beat the wind, the rain & the world,
Let's see who slams the winner Mate!
Nenu! we have a Football's Date !!

Indrajit Ghosal

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    ...o tempora!!...( latin)...back on time...and giving life to your most beautiful....great.


    football is India's fave sports isn't it?

    you have vividly pictured the actions in this game here and of course, watching is a good meeting place for friends and football fanatics...:)

    i missed you in my place, you have not visited it for quite a time.

    do come back...:)

    good morning...:)

    wish you could add me here in your list, too! special request, though!

    thank you...:)


    Oreeeehhhh jio jio ... .. aamar buk gorbe fhule gelo babba ..!i feel honoured .. uhhuuu ,, whilke reading these ,, my feet my whole body ,, went back to the school ground chasing the football .. its great .. !!Benchhe thaak baaba .. JOI JOI ..!!


    u have captured the excitement beautifully!!!


    Exquisite... u r fantas Indr :)
    well did nenu go thru this?....


    Exquisite... u r fantas Indr :)
    well did nenu go thru this?....


    that's very exciting to read ! very


    wowwwwwwww :)


    Too good... would love to witness such a game. Beuatifully penned.


    nostalgia is such a bitter sweet much one had, and yet so little in the flow of time.


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