My Dear Bato/Our Dear Bato-- Our school friend

Last evening Bato, alias Somnath Mukherjee went on to live in another world-a world that would be an everlasting mystery until the the final beckoning. This is not an elegy or a lament for our dear friend.I am not counting all of his goodness nor do I intend to express my profund grief.
This is just a tribute from all of us Nobilians-the once-inhabitants of the famed De Nobili School, CMRI, Dhanbad for a simple and a honest guy , full of frolics and fun, with that childish element intact.
On behalf of Nenu, Lomri,Rugo, Chorbi, Lengti, Gondo,Odo and all other friends and kins-I dedicate this one for Bato.
This one is for you Bato.:)
We all love you.You are with us, within us.


A path that leads to the Immortal scapes,
A Paradise dwelled by Divinity's grace,
A journey abrupted by the Inevitable's usher.
When Death-"the leveller", outlived the earthly solace.

From an earthly song to a Celestial Opera,
From unsung dreams to The Truth's surreality(strangeness),
From Mamma's entwined heart to the Beckoning Wombs,
A passage from home to the undying Sabbatical.

Indrajit Ghosal


Paths strewn with vices since ages across,

face smeared with layers of coldness gross,

nursing the tender hurted heart so gray,

that wounded many hearts, bleeds in disarray.

Many kind souls tendered the Sinner's world,

the Sinner echoed the feelings humble,

And lo! what came upon the Sinner often,

Those hearts he bruised,in acts of inane.

"Sinner, sinner," resonates the long void,

Salvation he seeks from all and Almighty-

he walks now to the awashed heartshore ,

Salvation awaits at the horizon's door.

Copyright(c)IndrajitGhosal 2008

We Love You Bato....

"How many breathes more Bato?"
Just how many?
Every second counts they say.

Somewhere a drama is getting enfolded. A lost battle is being fought by you my braveheart.
No, you can not lose this.You can Not.

You-a short plumply built friend from my school days.
You-a frequent mate of mine at indoor cricket for many days, ever since your Jethi relocated.
You-Our simpleton.
You-the ever enthusiastic player, a devoted student.
You-Our friend.

I know and another guy knows of your secret childish liking for one girl. Well, yes that was your silliness you may say.

This post is not proclaiming about how We, how I remember you.

It's our way, it's my way of tribute to you.
This post goes for you.


Eyes ..

"Lights" I said and then I saw,

those eyes gazing upon mine,

In glowing pure brightness,

in the moonlit hue sublime...

I touched beauty then,

when rose the Eyes Celestial,

I saw life in shades of Green,

and I saw dewdrops burn in a silvered sheen...

Eyes that commanded the oceans ,

and eyes that enslaved storms brutal,

Those eyes,then trembled shy and bowed,

when the autumn rain tickled from Heaven.

Eyes that know the secrets,

of the oceans and it's pearls,

Eyes that lead to landscapes of bliss

to a mortal , in rainbowed swirl.
copyright(c)2008 indrajit Ghoshal.

July 2005.

Bus stand,South Extension, part2, New Delhi.

The landscape bore a look unfamiliar to him. Everywhere, there was an urgency.Every road in his view carried swarms of people, with different gaits, all thrusted with some purpose in their life. The melee only shored up with the buses plying to and fro , coupled with the odd vehicles whooshing past by. The sky was dull red , that soon beckoned to turn into a fading scarlet-the setting sun.He gazed at that sun. He simply gazed.

In this overwhelming insecurity, in an unknown place, all in his own elements, he felt scared.

He didn't want the sun to set, he wished something miraculous to happen, that would perpetuate that last scarlet lining in the sky. Somehow, he felt a closeness to that light, somehow he felt safe.

The fear of the advent of the darkness loomed large upon him. Insecurity has never been so overriding, so gripping and so terrible ever in his twenty two years of life ever. Then, Delhi scared him. The enormity of the city , for someone who was marooned there, on that fateful day with a letter of disgrace was way too much for him. He knew not a single soul here and his first visit there, he thought, was a bad omen, that only with every faint of the passing reddish hue of that day, would accumulate. He missed his home, his friends from school, his few hostelmates, his colleagues. He missed his lost grace.

The vastness of the city seemed too overwhelming for him. Suddenly, life took a cruel turn and unleashed a chain of events that pulled the rug under his secured and short-lived days of contentment.

His last flicker of dying hope diminished as the reddish hue on the sky melted and gave way to an immenent darkness. He could not go back, he could not proceed ahead. Sitting at that bus stand, he was alone, he could feel it....

A Heartbeat Away....

Desires seek the lost verse from time,
I lay awake, hopeful till Eternity,
And a Carousel of that chapter I hear,
I knew then, I was just a heartbeat away.

I travelled many roads, wicked and smooth,
I yearned for the glimpse Oh, elusive and why?
When holding the moist's presence in the eyes,
I knew then, I was only heartbeat away.

Wombs beckon from the sands of time,
I grope aimless, I roam asunder,
I ransack my world for Eternity's way,
Alas! which I found only a Heartbeat away.

copyright(c)indrajit ghosal 2008

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