A Little More -

A Little more of my Sky Mama,
A little more of the tender Breeze,
A little more of the hazed fondness
A little more of your renal kiss.

A Little more of my share Mama,
A litrle more of the lost sliver,
A little more of your timeless refuge,
A little more of the mellowed whisper..

Indrajit Ghosal

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    It's a masterpiece...You are a genius in writing, yaar, and frankly I'm nowhere near your skills. I am both your bro & friend...I'm not in orkut, no profile there...if you give your e-mail I would contact you there, mine is 'galadrielgoldberry@yahoo.com'
    Thanks for the heart-rending comment, I was so elated I went through it about ten times...

    Take care
    Good Luck


    a little more is al wat is needed at times.. :-)
    beautiful lines.. :-)


    subtle .. very rare and beautiful lines ..


    beautiful lines set out in a compact way
    a theme which touches every one who might read it
    would have been better as a post for mother's day i believe
    good to see you writing after all this while


    long since i've been active on the blogging circuit! hope u remember me..
    as for this post, i really want to know how you manage to do it every single time?! brilliant post! :)


    beautiful :)


    A little more of life :D

    Lovely words!!


    That was short..

    We want A little more!


    ....Mom's time...more or less eficient on passing through life....


    Thank You! I am indeed a lot touched. Do check your mailbox. I've posted some emails, hopefully they reach you.

    U know me.


    very nice....lovely little poem


    A nice ode to a mother.

    But I failed to understand the meaning of "renal kiss".


    Nice work...

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