"A Dream and A Granny"

'Twas a night when I laid sound asleep,
When to the hushed numbness, a Dream Peeped,
Touched by one Soul, in love i shivered-
Granny tiptoed, to Solace i leaped.

The hands outstretched-my only haven,
To the beckoning, restless i rushed,
Buried my head in her heart after ages-
Towards her caring hug, a lovelorn soul dashed.

All I recall, are my wordless complaints-
and her fondness and caring warmth-
Amid layers of tears streaming down,
the desires soaked in the flow raged.

Then hazed went the dream sudden,
And nothing existed it seemed-
I awoke to see - the quest undone-
Reality betrayed, what dream aspired.

Indrajit Ghosal
Some of my poems from Yesterdays:-

The Dew....

Hazed fogs dawned at midnight,
and placed a tender shining dew,
over a greener grass that sparkled bright.

The Dew innocent, lay on the tip of the grass,
and swayed with the grass when
the wind whispered Sonatas abound. (**Sonata is a kind of musical cmposition)

The Dew , silent , lonely dew,
breathed lulllaby to it's new found delight,
With gentle moist touch, it glazed all sweetness and light.

And with the first kiss of the crimson morn,
rolled down from the grass blade slender---
The quivering, lonely, little drop of Dew.

The end of "The Dewdrop."

Copyright(c)reserved 2008 . Indrajit Ghosal.


Who am I , but a piece of you.
who am I , but a lost hue,
who am I , none , but U.
Who am I , but born anew.
Everytime i will die,
and so will i rise,
nay, am not th Phoenix,
but I am 1 of ur Your Chosen Few..

copyright(c) indrajit.g

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