Your Guardian - A lyric

Love me now, the time is this girl,

O You ,in my arms merrily curl,

Unleash the dreams all that we've seen,

let's go to places,we've always been.

Fingers entwined in timeless innocence,

You be mine, in the heart's recesses,

Hold me deepest in your embrace,

let not the morrows find a place.

Nothing is meant forever Alas!

It’s only now that we possess,

Love would hold my voyage ever true,

Thn Love me now, hold this moment true.

For who knows when tomorrow dawns,

and you find me in your faraway song,

The lilting breeze I might ever be,

kissing your hair, but you can't see.

My love then would rain impassioned droplets,

Whenever you turn restive in pain,

Trust me,I would be your morning sun ,

Your joyous gateway of life, your guardian.

Indrajit Ghosal

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    .....splendid love poem, splendid vow made by your plated soul's pen....


    i had this tune in my head as i read it... very lyrical!indeed.. :)


    A very sweet poem and its very well written. :)


    this poem is sooo sweet...i think it is 1 of ur best ever :)

    keep writing and post more frequently


    darun(as usua) o different(4m ur previous attempts)... gorgoriye pore fellum :)


    really beautiful..brought back a thousand broken memories flooding into my mind..and with that a terrible urge to heal them,but sometimes its only a one way road.
    keep the good ones rolling
    cheers :)


    very romantic .. there is that softness in the verses .. Excellent !



    sweet, beautiful, romantic, of the best i've read by you :)


    that is a lovely promise of love.

    I truly hope that you wrote this for a special someone and she is aware of love and reciprocates in same measures.

    God bless!


    gre8 piece of lyrical art man!



    Very lyrical u can compose it ..!
    Bhalo gaan hobe etta ..!!
    Jioo ..!


    A genuine promise of love, so beautifully expressd! =)

    **Nothing is meant forever Alas!

    It’s only now that we possess,

    This reminds me of a quote from Brida (Paulo Coelho)--> "We never lose some people, because they were never ours"

    I know its kinda emo, but some lines can strike deep !


    i m happy :)


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