A Promise

The speck of dew at my door,
silenced the screaming mind within,
I knew it was an Encore,
of a promise you made me then.

Every winter a silent blue,
ever since a Spring Maiden's left,
'diamonds' once the eyes that hold,
Icicles they turned - gray and cold.

Promised you once amidst the haze,,
before you slept one last time -
To visit me on such winters harsh,
& place one lost 'diamond' that's mine

Indrajit Ghosal

The week that was......

Probably, I never did this - a peek-a-boo into my life for the previous week. I had long awaited this time off for 5-6 days what with the festive season around. Festivals seemed to follow one after the other - Diwali, Bhaiduuj & a weekend sandwiched in between. This time I did not allow to sadden myself with the longings for my home & somehow managed not to fan the Nostalgic air creeping in. And I loved my time -off.

The vacation started miserably, nonetheless the gala time that ensued made up for the initial days' gloom.
To begin with, my cam showed signs of ageing & a frantic me learnt from the repair center that the Board of the cam had 'Died' (Alas! the damp weather spelt its doom perhaps, I was not using it for long also, Well, Divine Intervention could well be a possibility) & the amount required would amount equivalent to my Room rent. A dampener before Diwali nonetheless, but some mornings not quite always show the day, right?

"Wake up Sid' - Watched the movie in a PVR and would recommend to all and sundry. 'Coming of age movies', ' A movie ' English in expression, Hindi in Language' is how the tabloids praised it and yes it was indeed. Almost on the lines of Dil Chahta Hai ( it was though more extensive, 'Sid' is simple, with Bombay as it's heart.... & Do I hear Raj Thakarey snigger? He likes his city as 'Mumbai' ).
The songs were brilliant, esp the song' Ektara' sung by Kavita Seth (of 'Mujhe mat roko' song from 'Gangster' movie fame, though don't watch the movie, listen to the Sufi rendition of 'Mujhe mat roko') simply defined the movie & bridged the transition phase of a Slacker Sid to A different Sid- growing up, responsible, matured. Must watch.

Watched the DVD of 'UP' - an Animated movie, another sweet tale in the South America with a lil Wilderness explorer & an aged adventurist and the perils they faced, thus emerging winners. Lil Explorer lacked only 1 medal in his kitty, which he would get once he gets to help an Elderly in a Wilderness trip... sounds cute, right? There are many more such moments.

Then there's Nusrat Fateh Ali Saab's Sufi soulful songs, & esp his concerts in 1990, London, that I have been listening to recently. I don't know much about the Ragas, it's Gharanas, Shailis etc etc , yet I was tranced everytime I heard him. Max durations of some of his Classicals went upto 30 mins. There's nothing much better than this for me, which I love when I am left alone. You realise there's another world beyond this one, if you listen to them with undivided attention. It's like a food for the SOul- the bruises get wiped away and you reach a state of Bliss.

Went to Oh Calcutta! - A famed Bengali restaurant of Superior class, and as usual could not resist the Buffet. For the 1st time,Rasagollas were in the Buffet & were dismal (UNEXPECTED). Mangshor Jhol rocked as usual.

& ya, started reading after many months with ' My Name is Red' - Orhan Pamuk's 2006 Nobel winning book. Seems good until now, rather 'interestingly 'different' would be right word.
Well., these were the higlights & just thought to update this in this post.
Take care, be good.
I sign off for now.

The Keeper of My Dreams.....

Even if , one day, far from me you go
to distant shores that I would ne'er know,
Not heeding to my undying pleas-
to stare once more down the boulevard
of so many breathes that casted once ...
you know...... Dreams.........

laced with the fresh dews of Springs,
A Potter's heartmade canvas, baked
in the fresh winter's bubbly sun,
and left in the playfield to soak and
to swing to the beats of a quivering heart...
of Dreams... and Dreams.....

Even if the Dreams dampen and haze away,
it won't be lost, will it? You would be in them,
While I gaze at the splendid creation of mine,
I would always find you, in all those miniatures of my life,
that made my horizon a bottomless spectacle,
you know, I would always come back to you......
you have my Dreams...... My Dreams

Indrajit Ghosal

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