Home---- A journey

Sunlit poured through the windows where danced the dusts folly,
reflections of a vagabond mind, then ,glimpsed every cranny,
the satin that touched the heart and wiped the dusts within,
and through the haze, in a trance, I see a Home Coming.

The familiar smell of spices and pepper,
that seeped in the palate from a kitchen faraway.
i felt near the warmth of the hands, that stirred the mind pleasant,
Take me there to my Home, to the lost smells nascent.

The pranks a little, the silent love,
pampering a kiddy and then a little shove,
My study table's dust stil lays thick in dismay i see,
and to sniff my old books once , to the Home now I must be.

To the Home , i must return, lest the flowers wither,
and see myself anew again, beneath the same old mirror.

Indrajit Ghosal
Copyright(c) reserved 2008

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