The Keeper of My Dreams.....

Even if , one day, far from me you go
to distant shores that I would ne'er know,
Not heeding to my undying pleas-
to stare once more down the boulevard
of so many breathes that casted once ...
you know...... Dreams.........

laced with the fresh dews of Springs,
A Potter's heartmade canvas, baked
in the fresh winter's bubbly sun,
and left in the playfield to soak and
to swing to the beats of a quivering heart...
of Dreams... and Dreams.....

Even if the Dreams dampen and haze away,
it won't be lost, will it? You would be in them,
While I gaze at the splendid creation of mine,
I would always find you, in all those miniatures of my life,
that made my horizon a bottomless spectacle,
you know, I would always come back to you......
you have my Dreams...... My Dreams

Indrajit Ghosal

10 Sonatas:


    i think tht says it all


    What a responsibility, to be the keeper of one's dreams. Beautifully laid out, once again! Bravo!


    That was surely beautiful. Very beautiful,a lot of depth. .
    Btw,i have a site of my own now

    Ur creations are alwaz a pleasure and peace to my heart.


    this is THE BEST.

    chokhe jol.....junior TK...



    Beautifully put


    wonderful.. just as you..


    when are you going to publish your book of poetry? :) i would want a copy personally signed by you!


    Beautiful! Cannot find more words to describe this one.


    I never...never...never... never red something more beautiful than this your latest poem.....

    God bless you...or your muse....missing from here, take care,hugs.


    beautiful thought... n very well put!


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