A Promise

The speck of dew at my door,
silenced the screaming mind within,
I knew it was an Encore,
of a promise you made me then.

Every winter a silent blue,
ever since a Spring Maiden's left,
'diamonds' once the eyes that hold,
Icicles they turned - gray and cold.

Promised you once amidst the haze,,
before you slept one last time -
To visit me on such winters harsh,
& place one lost 'diamond' that's mine

Indrajit Ghosal

11 Sonatas:

    speechless i m

    hats off to u.


    "'diamonds' once the eyes that hold,
    Icicles they turned - gray and cold."

    beautiful indr.. loved it..! :)


    promises!!! promises!!!

    i hate promises coz now i feel gray and cold!!!

    ask me not Indrajit!



    Beautiful! Loved the comparison of the teardrop to Diamond...

    You are fantastic.


    this 1 made me go wow...as always


    Amazing Poetry ...



    Khub sundor .

    Promises..always a hard push within... very well written my friend.. very very very well written..

    the words are so.. bold so beautiful..

    shotti-e khub shundor .. just like diamonds !


    thanx .. u din read d other poem ..words and feelings !! .. do read dat too .. and thank u again for dropping by


    i shall keep that in mind :) thank you again !


    You just keep getting better man...

    How have you been?


    can't understand this...:)


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