Together We Dance
A Lyric

Together we dance-
Come rain, come fall,
In autumns, in all seasons-
In jaunty rhymes ,sashaying
-feet over the silken dew,
jazzes- rustling dreams a few.

Together we dance-
And let Love be the reason.

And it shall be
till kingdom come.

Together we dance-
in springs of the youthful sky,
that shines and sparkles-
merrymaking -
the unchained melodies rained down
the laughter rolled in joyous tears-
the ballad of the hearts continues.

Together we dance ,ain't be no fears,
And yes, love is the reason.

And it shall be
till kingdom come.

copyright(c)indrajit ghosal 2008

2 years of Blogging

My Virtual Speech on this occassion:-

I complete 2 years of my existence as a Blogger on the 17th of Nov 2008.

I never knew in first place that I would blog one day.That I would finish 2 years of Blogging is per se a blessing.

2 years - a pretty big span of life if I think of the events and it's ramifications that had caught me both with surprises in it's various manifestations as well as seeped into my Life with ecstasies manifold -that had ushered in joy and jostle in life aplenty.

Again, it's too less a time taking stock of things, when today I look back and wonder how things have panned out --whooshed, in a way less desired or how things have developed--poised, in amazingly better ways.Two years passed pretty fast.

And in all these 2 years of my life, I remain a Blogger.

My esteemed Blog readers remained- some of whom are from my primitive days of blogging- the time when I baby-stepped in to the Bloggerhood scapes and opened up my eyes to the World of Blogging.While some of whom joined my caravan later.

And then my first few readers arrived and baptised me as a Blogger.They rendered in me a sense of aspiration with their praises and opinions. They made me grow- grow wholesome, grow as a blogger.They are those few people who still are and Godwilling would ever be- my blog readers.You all made me special many a times and special you all are for me.I doff my hat to all you wonderful people.You all know who you are.Thank you.

Thank you so much.I thank the Almighty too.

Let me as an addendum,stamp the established testimony that your blogs also adorn with wonderful penmanships.I am fortunate enough to be one of your readers.

Then came another set of cerebral/outlandish fellow bloggers who have stayed since then. Visiting their blogs which screamed laughter, whispered poesias and sang hosannas on life was wonderful.

A hearty thanks to all of you.

Also thanks to all of you who have ever bumped/barged/ in and out of my blog, with or without your pugmarks stamped as comments.

I pray for all of yours Godspeed and a Life of Contentment.

Thank you.


A Cafe, a Magpie and 1 Ms Grace...

Allow me to introduce 2 characters here, the backdrop and then we would take off with the proceedings.

The Backdrop:-
Sahara Mall CCD happens to be my fave haunt to keep my own company, especially on weekends.The place being closer to my place and without any rush most of the times until evening, only helps my purpose.Sometimes the silence is amazingly wonderful there.
I know it means loss of business for them, but as they say, 'someone's loss is someone's gain', so good for me. :)
Today I was on the verge of fuming owing to a restless Magpie chatting her lungs out over her cell, and when stepped in vintage icon Ms Grace, an older lady, the kind of whom I have always admired, since God doesn't know when..

Thanks Ms Magpie as I don't know what to post next, until you invaded my beloved solitude unknowingly (it was vicious for me though).
I entered the cafe and sat at the usual sofa that always waits for me and reposes at the entrance - empty while a twitchy bee of a girl sat at a nearby table chatting away,as if that's what her life is meant to be( Yes I am harsh here cos I realised the immenent danger of my usual existence -uninterrupted- the moment I came in there- and I wd not sit anwhere else, cos that's teh only sofa and teh comfy set should not miss my company for the next few hours)
Her non sensical blabbers over the phone meant my peace is being pooh-poohed and my day there screamed ominous sighs. sighs !!
Over the period of time, unwillingly I came to know about the slangs she's familiar with, her age and so many things, unwantedly with bellowing rage.
So here I am providing certain excerpts of what I heard (sigh) though she went on for 2 hours with her yappity yap...
'Well sure. shit..... ya ya ( laughter)
o my Dad .. is a pilot..'Retired and joined Kingfisher' .. he's among the selected group, would go to US re ....''
'o they are selected among a whole lot yaa... no no he is specially Selected One'
-- O really !!! How special can he be?' I thought in disgust...
--- She went on and on....
' Holy crap... aww hey I wshed u dint I?''
'ya ya delhi sucks.. metro sucks.. thrs no no no no... hahhahaha
No metro from Palam. ya delhi is bad....... forget it'
u know me na' i just hate my house...
'It sucks ya ya actually thrs a garden and I share wth my sis'
Me thinks---( Now does she mean she shares th garden with her or the house and if it sucks and sucks .. now u sucks all thse while and - pardon me my grammar dearest readers! It's on the spot writitng. so feelings don't understand grammar :X)
(if It sucks so much, then get out u crib and let me in....)

Meanwhile she went on never to stop....
' ya u know her bf is a gay... hey hey
laughter.... and did tht rhyme "gay gay hey hey"
n more laughter and some more.. and then reality dawned...
' Holy shit.. no balance yaa me on a pre paid re so would check the balance'.
'Abhi to mobile phone bhi sucks these calls marketing and all sucks.'
' My shift is frm 7 to 5, na na abhi to it;s like 4 to 11 ya yua within a few days it wd be 8 to 5..'
I thought " what weird combinations now what else can I try out.. may be 11.30 pm to 10 am or ummm don't know. ughhh .:x

I was learning a new virtue all thse while ' Patience and More Patience.'
Patience sucks too dear readers.. :x :(
And then...

Amid all such insane chaos and chatters , stepped in ......... who else but Ms Grace.... Gracefully..... Ah am rhyming you see that !!!
A lady much older to me, but graceful. No airs, but graceful.
.. Since I sat on a sofa with the other seats empty so there are insolent people who would come and sit without even asking my permission at times... Don't they see the entire cafe stares at them with an open mouth eager to swallow them in the vacant seats all around??? Why disturb my peace ?
Ask me atleast.
For them i have an answer' Excuse me, I am waiting for a few friends who might come in anytime.' I developed this trick courtesy solitude and it works like magic.
Those of who were about to butt down, would leave the desire midway in the air and proceed.
Those who had comnmited the sin, had to get up and allow themselves to be swallowed in the huge open crowdless cafe in some other less comfy chairs.

Ms Grace did the same- No permission just sat.I retorted politely. ' Excuse me... " The same old line.
She was aplogetic and started off to another nearby chair, before which she took up my newspaper from the table.
I said ' this is mine' with a smile.
And Ms Grace rendered a charming smile and with a suave expression almost whispered (from a distance of course) ,' Well, can I still take it to my seat and have a look?'
'of course' I poised and said.. Never expected this, but with Ms Grace around, one must walk the ropes with assured calmness. :p seriously.
She graced a black long skirt and a white full top( I mean covering her hands) ,poised at the newspaper , her atttitude screamed of a sober intellectual, her mannerisms dignified( i told u she's Ms Grace- so these were expected I think). Could be in her forties, without any airs and pride.
I felt bad not to allow her my empty sofa seats on my other side. And I said ' You can sit here,as my friends might be late.' To which she said 'it s ok' with a smile.
Now it's only because of her elegance and intelelctual appearance tht prompted me to tell her.

All these while the chatter box went on with things like 'boyfrnds' 'gayhood' ' ya you are made for each other' North campus gossips and announcing ' I m the youngest there, at my work. You know all are of age group 23-24 or 25 , me only one of 20 years.'

I was about to fall of my seats ' 20 years' well then I would be 22 coming December, may be 21 ummm, let me think...
And then She went on and on,, Ms Grace read on for somtime before returnign the paper with a thanks and I continued writing what would turn out to be my 70 th blog post...
When I am done with a borrowed pen and borrowed A-4, no one was there.

P.S - CCD guys there are nice to me everytime I go and sit for some hours with a coffee, for obvious reasons, they should be nice with regulars even if he sits for 2-3 hrs with 1 coffee and occasionally with deserts.
Today they served me water with floating coffee dusts inside..
Sucks man!! Sucks.. :p :p- That's the MAgpie Effect. :p :)

The sky was conjuring up an intriguing spectacle involving the moon and her frolics with the restless clouds-clouds that at one moment draped it's dark veil over the chiselled moon and another moment lilted with the winds and gave way to the Moon to emit her dimmed radiance.
Faraway from this heavenly scene, a precursor of some poignant moment was brewing up between two individuals:-

'Sir, I know how you are-you were not made to be here, amid them.For your loved ones, the least that you could do is not what the others could do.'
Tears sprang down his cheeks, that cascaded to his Sir's hand.
He said calmly as if lost in something else.'No Viru, you are too nice to....'
'Sir.' Viru said, 'the least that you could do is take your heart out for your loved ones cos to brign them back to life-- not most of the others could think of.'
Then he said something which Arya would remember lifelong.
'Sir, I never had a father.'

May be continued.....

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