Wrote it almost a year ago-

Time skipping in breathless flow,
amid the screaming void in soul,
in nothingness the soul remains,
Life,drags in stillness and slow...

Oh Beethoven , you, yes you!
come out with your sonatas a few,
Play them till I nurse my soul,
away from void ,living anew.

Begum Apa , where's your Thumri , lady?
the one you sung once in royale court,
bring the moist rain in your melodies,
to drench my follicles in Springs float..

You O Mystic Sufis , sing once more,
to the Almighty's grace and beauties.
let me dissolve in the sublime love,
and absorb in arms of Beloved's Bounties.

Copyright(c)Indrajit Ghosal 2009

11 Sonatas:

    shundor :)


    A yearning hearts plea:)




    not bad.. not bad at all !!


    nice one... today i am coming across too many poem blogs :) loving it. good work. :)


    This reminds me of Sufi Music..dunno why!..maybe because of the stirring calmth it has.
    Good one, like always =)


    Really nice :)


    beautiful :)


    That was wonderful, Indrajit. Its commendable that something as simple as that is being brought forth with such magnificence, it took me much time to realize what you wanted to convey, but then you see, only the creator knows his creation.

    Do have a browse at my blog, I shall await your responses.

    Manoshij Banerjee


    Splendid ,beautiful words ..!Jioo ..!


    u got a unique style bro

    gr8 goin mate


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