Wo kabhi mujhe dhunda karti thi,
kabhi chhupke kahin,
kabhi bas yunhi....

Wo kabhi mujhe dhunda karti thi,
idhar,udhar, har jagah,
kabhi bas yunhi...

Wo kabhi mujhe sehlaya karti thi,
Jab mai rota raaton ke ghere me,
Mai use odh ke so jaaya karta tha,
kabhi bas yunhi.....

Wo kabhi roya bhi karti thi,
Aur apne ek buund mere haathon me deti thi
mai jab mangta tha to,
kabhi bas yunhi...

Wo kabhi ziid bhi karti thi,
use ye chahiye, use wo chahiye,
uski duniya me mujhe bulaya karti thi,
kabhi bas yunhi...

Aaj Wo kahin hai, durr kahin,
kahin hai, yahan nehi,
yahan nehi.....

My 99th post.

Indrajit Ghosal

Just like that...

I painted a picture decades ago,
I imaged myself as a fortunate one,
The Masterpiece of mine, in tatters lay,
I, the Master, survey the ruin, aloof, undone.

There was a dream, a sketch of the heart,
And inroads to fondness of an embryonic soul-
that wretched in pieces, buried snowdeep alas!
The prophesy of the golden spring,did depart!

Indrajit Ghosal

Dear Nenu.....

Nenu aka Krishnendu Mitra is my friend from school days & was my football mate in many rainy days. When others would seek shelter, we would play as if our life depended on the sheer game. We chased passion, dream, addiction......... we chased Football!!
This one goes for Nenu & for those days, lost & yet not!!

The sky wears dense robe of gray,
the curtain is about to fall,
Along the mud, swinging you skate -
Nenu! we have a football's date!!

Do you hear the greens gallop and sway?
Do you feel the same old addiction?
The shrill blades of the grasses slash,
from murky feet , to the heart they splash!!

Run! chase, huff where flies the ball,
beat the wind, the rain & the world,
Let's see who slams the winner Mate!
Nenu! we have a Football's Date !!

Indrajit Ghosal


Wo kabhi ek Bacchi, ek Nazuk chiz,
Jaise ek alhad srot Mann ke dehleez,
Jaise soyi aankhon me sapno ke rang -
Indradhanushi... aur ek uska Rang.....
Uska apna......

Wo kabhi ek dost, ek anant chavi,
Jaise Meera ka mann Shyam rang prati,
Jaise lajja se lipti Aasmaan aur laali,
Ujjwal..... mutthibhar Jeevan ki thali....
Ek saath......

Wo kabhi ek Maa, ek yaad, ek hansi,
Jaise ek vivash mann ki chah, khoi hui,
Jaise lautne ki chah un chau me kahin,

ek aangan.... ek pralep yaadon ka.
Wo Maa.....

Indrajit Ghosal

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