O Beloved!

O Beloved! Where are you please?
I stare towards the time bygone.
and peek into the shores of my heart-
forlorn, it grieves like a moonless night.

O Beloved! Where are you please?
I heard your footsteps yesterday,
Was that my Effluvia of Insanity?
Or desertion of the last glint from the eyes?

O Beloved! Where are you please?
One breathe echoes in the emptyness.
it's other twins battle the duality -
Of sweet misery and longings O so profound!

Indrajit Ghosal

8 Sonatas:


    Longing , separation and love
    all in the game

    Good one :)


    awww... thats tough to miss someone, isnt it?

    what are we without them? Probably.. nothing.. the pain of separation is at times more than we can handl—É

    loved the poem :)


    wow...tht was a beautiful poem


    ...''one breathe echoes in the emptyness''.....no matters whom you love.... only matters if you can live without her...it seams, no......... great love poem.


    Words....They create magic...dont they?


    wonderfully written.. keep writing


    Wow, you have a great poetic heart! Your words still echo in my ears. Keep it coming! Good job. I also have poem blog visit:


    A mixture of emotions .. well penned !


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