Buy me some time

Buy me some time, my Dreams await,
buy me some time, defying fate.
those foregone ramblings of the mind,
O! let me my Solitude taste.

Buy me some time, from timeless days
buy me some time, from yesterdays,
The lost Pearl from the Shells I seek,
O! let me soak in that sylvan gaze.

Buy me some time, from the 'morrows,
buy me some time, eclipsing sorrows,
Those that are mine, the moments gone,
Those that will be a golden Sojourn.

Indrajit Ghosal

17 Sonatas:

    I like the rhyme,the monotony in each line...
    Neatly woven and yet trying to convey a deep request...
    Loved it..
    'Buy me some time, my eyes await..
    But me some time, seeing more on our poetry plate...'
    Keep writing! Intense feelings...


    Uhho Mughdo hoe gellaam .. Daruunn ..!!!

    Hevvvy likhechhis ..!


    The words and their meaning are beautiful and profound. From a "technical" and aesthetic perspective, the third stanza requires reworking, namely, the rhyming structure. Also, a small personal suggestion, if you allow me: try and introduce a 3rd verse rhyme for each stanza...That is, stanzas structure would be as follows:


    Regards my dear friend!


    i love the melancholic quality this 1 has


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    pronam neben probhu...adbhoot apner sristi....what a whip crack starting..."buy me some time"...[:D]...full of sarcasm...


    @ Fiducia - Thanks

    @ Mindspace - Baba! baaki gulo kobe porbi. :o

    @ JP Thanks, I knew the last stanza wasn't following the CCDC pattern. I would try to rectify it. :)

    @ Swatimala Thanks.

    @ Tushit - Dhonnobaad.


    :)................ :)


    This exactly every heart our age and every like minded person thinks!


    Amazing ..
    Time truly is a rare commodity :)

    Keep writing and Smiling


    Beautiful... you have your own style like not many do, i always enjoy your poems :)


    ...time's crisis makes us on hurry...and yes ,there are a lotts more to do......thanks to rmember them all.


    "buy me some time, from yesterdays,"

    i love this line ... its so beautiful i mean like .. its philosophical yet so true and so "close" to the heart .. khub shundor ..


    I absolutely loveed this one and I'm posting it on my blog, with due credits to you..if you mind, please drop in a note and i'll take it off!oh! i really love this one...


    you write so well... :D God bless


    U have a very sophisticated style of writing..

    Very nice work..

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    Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

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