Nameless poem!! :p

Life's morbid game, I partake why?
I chose so or destined am I?
never I knew, that dreams too lie,
Where I stand, who do I defy?

My epitaph's composed, hear the cry !
a Sonata string, in broken lie,
My dreams, Heavens! refused to sigh!
treacherous sword, O!! I can't defy.

No! none can vanquish me but I,
A speck of fire smoulder; Burn I !
I want to live once more before I die.
I want to live once more before I die.

Note- This is just a poem and the thoughts do not point to anything specific. Thanks

Indrajit Ghosal

13 Sonatas:

    hmm.. bhalo.. :)


    :) :)


    Glad to see you in your profile pic!!
    This one was flawless..beautiful!!
    Very true feelings spilled poetically...:) exotic!
    Keep writing..:)

 's value....pessimism and optimism.....


    hmm.. honestly.. i dont know how to react..!

    From december last year.. my life has been crazy.. I have never felt so uncertain ever in my life before.. I am constantly facing new changes.. striving to adopt them all! At times, I feel that i am fighting a lost battle.. n then I feel- I must live.. that is the truth with which we live.. n so we must!
    Reading this poetry-- well.. I must say.. didnt know that all these thoughts could look so beautiful in words..!


    Never once in life do we realize the incredibility of being gifted a life...itz just a woeful dearth of never dawns to us how particularly amazing is life, and when it does the better part is rather spent.
    How ignominous is the fact that we call ourselves 'educated'..Maybe yes, but never 'enlightened'...



    khub shundor hoeche !!!!


    spell binding!! :)
    n why is it a nameless poem?
    anyways..keep writng..


    Very nicely written...

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    Makes me sad.. but strong emotions in this one.


    Nice :)


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