A sudden fear gripped,

paralysed me, like one crippled evening

betrayed by a whimsical night.

Darkness came later,

thus,the evening was set free.

My fear now awaits the Light.

Indrajit G.

Travelogue- A Poem

I followed the trails of mine, left behind long,
I strolled backwards to the lost far-flung song,
I skipped, I hopped and groped towards those lanes,
Time, whose Elegy wrote, in haunting fragrance.

I stopped over to the times of Abandon,
I felt the rain, touched the ground. O Heaven!
I ran asunder the backbenchers den,
I cried tears of joy, the void inflicted pain.

Nostalgic me then ran behind further,
'Furtive glances, hush! O Granny's hither! '
Umpteenth forgiveness pleaded one more time,
Her child hugged her wrapped in her timeless rhyme.

Then the World turned misty and quietude prevailed,
Sacred beads of heartstrings love-attached laid,
Two lives in secrecy conspired in unison,
A mother awaited, with her son to be born.

Indrajit Ghosal

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