O Heart!

Bruised O heart ! why wary you be,
Colors sputtered in red so long!
Havoc outlived your recesses,
Alive! O How you can still be?

Hit and mishit, the game is on,
in pieces of slivers you breathe,
aren't you hurt the most O heart?
Heart O heart ! How there You still live?

Loved and disowned, in spite's cauldron,
What madness makes you so calm.
They came for you again, you Loner!
O Mercy be upon your soul.

Dissolve , disappear run I say!
for you must live and live O please!
Scream in in the rage of reddish glow,
you aren't beaten, no you are not.

Copyright(c) reserved Indrajit Ghosal 2008

8 Sonatas:

    i loved the whole poem, esp the last stanza....



    waaaaaaaaa hoyeche????????


    Amazing last paragraph! =)
    You wrote it b'fully!


    U described the emotional functioning of the heart perfectly. Each pain comes out almost screams.

    I really wish that next time you write you write about all the joy that the loner experiences when it finds its match. :-)


    Well put
    Loved ur style of writing


    powerful and enigmatic. .


    .... pain and patience:suffering'S origin....WONDERFUL RELIEVED !


    Beautifully expressed.. as always though.. your poems, though sad at times are really a treat to those who love good poetry :)


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