My "Writer's Block" Phase

(Muse-is referred to a guiding spirit or a source of inspiration for any creation.
Words- This term is referred to the Expressions of our thoughts.)

Dusting the clutters of mind aside,
Despairing soul stutters to find-
words a few with one my Muse
in papers with Pen gliding loose.

Come on fast O Words and befriend,
My many thoughts,O where they went?
Searching Me in the words kind grace,
I falter- the Muse nowhere to trace.

All bottled feels, failing to pen,
I waited to catch the thoughts again.
Thirsty spirit, stirred to near insane,
efforts drained to stroll in Muse's lane.

Hopping aimless,with no words to choose,
In silence I wait to find Me with my Muse.

indrajit Ghosal

A Rose-seller Girl

As the windows rolled down,
there beamed a rusty girl,
With hair braided in filths of Time,
selling roses in innocent swirl.

To every window sprinted the girl,
with the lights turned colour red,

dishing roses red and bright,
a life in grey and piteous sight.

Dusty dins were the jewels she wore,
hatred-spites the little mermaid bore-
from the snobs and honoured Human folks
Clogged at traffic and worries to the core.

A bangled hand cursed with roses,
A frock in green torn in places,
feet burned by sun's wrath on road,
and soul briused by cursive disgraces.

Indrajit Ghosal

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