It's Appraisal Time!!!

Dear people -

It's time to get official now and so, I permit myself to enter among the Hordes of employees, agog with seemingly excited state (overflowing?) to get their pay hikes, and to get many many elucidations from the 'Powers that be '(Apparently?) to wax eloquent of the organisation (ever prosperous, inspite of hiccups, well... seemingly!) and with their venerable gestures (Manipulation) towards esteeming your future and boosting your stay for 1 more year(huff... )

Well, it's appraisal around the corner(sigh) in many Organisations and I too unwillingly would be a victim(or victor?)

It's that time of the year, when you are told how good you are and inspite of it, how good you are not! How esteemed you are and still you should not undermine your talents(it's a given that you have all the talent that goes for the making of an epitome of SUCCESS).

After the formal rounds of filling up your appraisal form online and allow others to provide yoru feedback you have a face -off with your OM. All formalities are discussed, all plannings for teh next year, what went well, what not, blah blah, till the time you almost feel like jumping over the table pleading to know your hike and the rating. You are least interested about the outcome, as that's the way things play out... It's a long way to the Highway before you know your 'hike' (or the absence of it, depending on how much of a Philosopher you are)

'So you deserve the best hike, the best place, the best position in the best company (that's the Top Brass Moron parroting his words straight from his 'heart', and that's what he's been sincerely doing since ages and the best company is ofcourse 'this one')
and you have tremendous potential to really go beyond your present performance scale and do eeeven better.(I never knew it, really, low self-esteem case may be)
He continues 'but you know , you got to give in soemthing extra, something that makes you stand apart from others. And I really believe that you too can. Can't you( CAN'T YOU is said in a baritone, a certain intonation comes up from the Powerful Moron).'
And more follows, of what all you did, and what you did not, with a cunning smile lingering from the face like that of an intelligent seasoned swindler)
'Yes sir' . Well do you have a choice here? My experience says NO. If you say 'No' to the Monkeyman's question, he would stat with his littany of bumblings (that's what he's paid for) and till the time you are convinced(politely, their message will seep into you) you would again feel exhausted. But the Sober Monkey, sitting inside the board room, will explain you further of why, and why patiently) you are not capable to get a rating of 5 and though you have got arating of 4 why simply why (He's desperate to make you good, bad and sad at the same time... tha's called ART and he, the MonGoose , is the master) you also deserve more than just '4'.

So, your rating is 4. Period. So much for such an appraisal, that too from such Ill-Eqipped Top Management's Pauper! Who would catch you in a conversation, while peeing and you curse the moment as to why and why the peeing time of both of you COLLIDED!!.... Who in a meeting with the Client team, where i was also a part of with other teams, blurt out....'' I also use Huggies.... For my kids'''. The background was a formal discussion on Sanitary products, of Kimberly Clark and the entire Client team was sitting there.

And such Wimps judge you.... Life can make you a butt of it's jokes, when you face such Jokers with their Toilet humors......

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    .................................................................................................... u know my commnt. don't u MK? :p


    all the best :)


    its an art for them, you know.. to maintain that balance when they encourage you and say how good you are and at the same time saying that maybe you are not good enough :D

    Good luck :)


    You said it right man... it feels sad when dimwits like these judge us... f'em man..


    can't agree more! :(-)


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