And he bade me Goodbye....

"Farewell, my Master and my good Friend,
from all weathers fair and unfair-
My last breath would sniff the air soon,
Friend, to your sight, the droopy eyes stare.

Together we grew, in health and happiness,
Together, you said, we'd surpass horizons yonder-
I wagged my mushy tail, I approved you dear,
Now, I gasp for last breath, why aren't you near?

You feeded me buttered-bread and biscuits,
we shared tiffins together, you remember,
On your way to school in dark winter morns,
I saw you off to bus stand, and waited there Master.

You gazed at the window, waving me goodbye,
and I , with my open tongue, gaped with wonder.
evenings saw us amid greens of life in the field.
You bashed as i licked your cheeks all asunder.

We giggled and sat with splendid silence abound,
you screamed , I barked when rays of joy bloomed around.
Two plumps lazed and walked basking thw winter sun,
and racing home in twilights to your Nanny's call was all fun !

Saved from those Dogs, when you , my Kid, armed with stones
your little hands shooed them and showered me chicken and bones
save me in your embrace Now , my Growing Brother,
as I wait for the Unknown, hopelessly in tetters.

Chum, my weak body and spirits dimmed to flounder,
Gone you are today far, the soul still sees you near,
I lay waiting for you to sprint and outrun death,
and holding my flimsy body, help me with my last Breath.

O ! once more can I live those days, wagging my tail again?
come soon, let's share those forgotten joys and ushering pain-
and tears of parting I vision-I see a horizon anew-
I must trudge alone , for the first time Sir, without You.

The sun sets in far, distant horizon with orange platter,
where my eyes seem to meet and my Beat goes slower ..
with your sight and memories , I fail to bark a pleasing sigh,
with the last huff for life, your Doggie bades you Goodbye."


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