Beneath The Mulburry Leaf:-

Through the Mulburry leaf, goodness glitters,
In silence of the night, peace sails aflutter-
Breezed-the branches sways abound in Meadows.
frolics the mooonlit amid the Mulburry shadows.

Strings of Heart swings in the peaceful gaze-
And it passes through mazes of happiness.
And beneath the mulburry leaf, the Soul rests-
And sways as wind, in Life's shades and glitz.

Indrajit Ghosal
The Lost Poem.-1

Ages and miles went past life,
from the springs of sunshine-
to it's baked confines-

The Vagabond yearns for glimpses bygone
The footsteps in the sands of time-
The rose tinted shadowy scapes.

The mind rummages something precious within-
The Heart bored many restless pangs-
Seeking the Lost Poem.

Amid dusts in the piles gathered-
Amid unseen corners in that Haven-
Amid chords of disrupted songs.

The Lost Poem- once that was-
Still stays somwhere close-
something the vagabond always holds dear.

Copyright(c) Indrajit ghosal.

Death- A Nonnet

Kissed the parted lips in Emptyness,
the unseen,in quietness arrives,
Coldness gray frowns upon Life,
Heartbeats hushed to Silence,
Eternity dawns,
In stillness lay-
The Truth-

Indrajit Ghosal

NONET:A nonet has nine lines. The first line has 9 syllables, the second line 8 syllables, the third line 7 syllables, etc... until line nine finishes with 1 syllable. It can be on any subject and rhyming is optional.

Syllable Counting of the Write;-
line 1 - 9 syllables Kissed/the par/ted/lips/in/Emp/ty/ness.
line 2 - 8 syllables the/un/seen/in/quiet/ness/arrives
line 3 - 7 syllables Cold/ness/ gray/frowns/u/pon/Life
line 4 - 6 syllables Heart/beats/hushed/to/Si/lence
line 5 - 5 syllables Eter/nity/dawns
line 6 - 4 syllables In/still/ness/lay
line 7 - 3 syllables im/mor/tal
line 8 - 2 syllables The/Truth
line 9 - 1 syllable Lives

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