the Poetess. part 1.

Writing something after a long time and i hope unlike Maniac -1 and My Utopia-part 1,
the sequel of Poetess is made.:), which I would like to write, soon.

holding my hands with silken ease,
she tunes my verses in life's green,
deepest of dreams, deepest in the heart,
beholds her eyes,in silent din.

intend to hide, so my eyes i close,
to bury emotions , as always,
and what a fool i conjure myself to,
for the Poetess reflects my soul's face.

Oh Poetess, come down now, will you please?
I thirst for my lost verses; i see them none !
Greens call from not-so-far, and yet it hides,
Poetess, now come and write me one.

Indrajit ghosal 03-18-08

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