where art thou?
When I chuckle, on my own---
something they know,,
Thoughts of mine, are
somewhere with you...
When wet are my Eyes,
None can know...
How much I miss You......
If I could ever show..
In the Dreams , you come,
and you're also there,,
When I walk miles,
my journey, you share...
When I sulk , I've
thought you often,,
as words of yours can make me soften..
What's all this? my fancy, my madness.....
I know I've lost you ,,
and look at your ,,
He's life's today just a Mess..
Indrajit Ghosal.

4 Sonatas:

    great work !!! who's the miss ?


    ....WHO IS SHHEEE.....????


    My first reaction....
    So cute...
    U are talking about your lost love but the way it has been put is very impressive. Somehow it brought a smile on my face...


    love..... love....love ....nobody wants to be alone ,so find it,only choosing the right way!


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