'Twas such a night..

Draped in conjurer's Robe, came the Night,,
Aroused was I , I jived to delight..
And we danced to sonorous Melody,,
That stars played above--'Twas such a sight..

The Moon blushed, as Her(the Night's) Face I touch,
And my hands played Symphony---First time such..
Stars above lit the earth for the Two,
swayed to the crooning Ballads, and Sonatas--a few,,

The Eyes I looked of the Nights , so Deep,,
Drunken I fall in Her Embrace,
in her blissful lap,, I did Sleep..

I saw Dewdrops onm Grass blades, In early Morn,
And paperboats floating amid rains to adorn,
Scared of Nights, I feared then---I recall---
My Beloved She's now, once and for all,,

Singing stars, Blushing Moon, Dazed in wonder,
Celebrating our Love , with loud claps of Thunder..
It Rained that day --When Night and I---
Holding arms, to Her Enigma land,, parting from
Earth,, we passed By...

Indrajit Ghosal.

2 Sonatas:

    I can just say...
    Very Beautiful...


    ....fantastic imagination,fantastic night of love,fantastic love,fantastic description ,fantastic ''the end''! I feel fantastic! You are fantastic!


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