The Bard's Grievances

As Noon takes wings,,
Evening loiters nearby,,
As light fades with,
graduating darkness high,,

As bevy of beaus and beauties,,
smouldering with life passes by,,
despairing clouds embrace me,,
seeing all with a hollow sigh..

For, they all, of all shapes and hues,
bear someone Special in Arms,,
Smitten are some, flawed are some,,
some lost in fragrant charms..

Dining, hopping, preening, and so on,
when they look in each other's Eyes,
What they see,, a friend,, a love,,
an alter may be,, to adore them to skies,,

Of hopes, of rainbow streaks of life,,
of dreams they've seen, and unseen,,
Of life in all true colors,,of bounties,
hallowing their existential Reign..

A Bard,, remains a loner.. A Loner.
cutting away, in barren scapes,,
Staring Life, that stares back with smug,
of pity, pithy in dark drapes..

Evening leaves pall of gloom,
the sadness multiplies to see,,
The Bard in night's desolate Bed,
Wrapping vague sheets of misery..

The poor bard, merely asks, "Why"?
No answer,, and he hears, from somwhere,
a snobbish, hopeless deeep sigh..

To enslave Him, comes the Memories,,
Solitude lurks with puerile smile..
that says," Come in my Bosom, dear,
You've always been mine"

Hapless, yet defiant, I stand and pray,,
to Him, to retrieve my world,,
My days of halcyon,
to fend the Devils away..

"Am I a sinner, or a pariah,,
that you bereave me from Divine?
The hordes have one in their heart,,
why no Angel waits for Mine?"

then I hear, HeR Music, soulful,,
drenching Bard's dry soul within ..
My daily complain , fades away,,
With HER, I see, Heaven on Earth,,
Where I've always Been..

Indrajit Ghosal

3 Sonatas:

    A true... Wordsworth this desk..!!


    ya I m flattered..


    inder sir,
    i don,t have words to explain u have become a poet now have u got some one abt whom u wanna right u are the kind of poet who can touch any one's soul.


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