A Whore's Account

"A girl of seven and ten I am, a class nine drop-out,
Holding hands of one kind soul, did i come--
here- to study, earn a penny, and li'l did I doubt,
Kind soul turned unkind, packed me off for Lumpsome."

"Getting clients is easy, They ogle me with dreadful sight
hefty amountys they pay-some fpor an hr, some for a Night..
My eyes i close every time they strip me naked
they turn my slave, quenching carnal desires sacred.."

"Nobody i love, none love me: the whole truth i say;
I make love ,i've mastered that
losing myself in filtyhy town of decay"
"I cried many times before, when in those horror days
they ripped me like greyhounds, under the Lustful gaze"

""run, Ritu, run"-said someone, I ran as fast as I could
to save the leftover grace(if any) , donning my best suit"
"In the laps of leching hands i fell, As I saw the setting sun--
I remain lost ever since: The race at last, Destiny won"

"Back home they call me," come Beta for Durga pujas,
to see you we Die"
"My dera fellows, A living corpse like me, today.....
doesn't even cry.."
"Your Maa, you worship and immerse to see her soon,
Call me not.A Whore I am in the dark lanes,
of shallow sky,without the Moon"

"to This pariah , Untouched comes swarms of Good Men,
henpecked, loyal to wives (ohh such a Plain Jane they remain!!)
The honest characters worship me , with disgust and lust within,,
In pitch blackness, with playful words,Hush--they shouldn't be seen"

"same are all Men--i've seen them all
heartless, spiteful, towards,"wreath of eden" they crawl..
know not they what Love is , nor do i,
Hordes, barbarians- they love flesh
sadists -They are "Man"--can you deny?"

" but , one nice guy , one day a promise he made-
'i'll marry you, if you leave this shit', so he said

"Seven days more for the contract, then I am done-- "
Said the Masseuir, (ehh, the whore!) with a voice mellowed--
"then towards life and joy, at last i"ll Run
A faint giggle i saw,
as tears of reaching the Unreachable mark flowed..

"Such accounts arewrapped in all alleys all corners,,
human we are: Life's Scorned, we remain often
fate's Unsung Mourners."
--------- Indrajit Ghosal ----

6 Sonatas:

    This poem touches every corner of the ..mourning heart of the one of whose this account is ..my beloved friend you are asuch a poet ..


    ohh no, i m just an amateur,
    still thanks for this.


    I could not stop a tear droplet from flowing out...

    This is overwhelming...


    This is a good one,a really good one,but one suggestion-pls remove those typos..they kill the soul of the poem,n this is a POEM...keep the good ones rolling...cheerios



    ......if ,all poems are just your sincerly thaugths,than,all of them weill be imortals!


    Every time ,i read this poem , predicament of the girl shivers me, a current of rage flows through my veins !


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