Tears , thou can wait....

Tears, thou can wait, for yet you have Time,,
Unless i move far, and beyond, from The Rhyme..

Then , I would be undone, strings , vocals, would be disarmed
"What's wrong Master?" yell they all, aroused, , alarmed..
I said
"Rhymes would never be made,, you would never sound,
for , Destiny has Drifted, away,and around...."

His clutches, make life, hard,,my soul cries, but not I,,
When I feel my Paeans, midway drenched me dry....
Lost -of words-of my symphonies,, would I be maimed,,

My veins, ribs, my heart,, shall suffer the pain,
pains, That bring me to the same eternal lane..

Whereupon, I've rejoiced, jived with melody abandon,,,
today, it's empty, void, robbed in time's lexicon..

I still frantically search,,, get mad--I grope for my Sweetest rhyme..
When i fail,,Please grace me ----O you Tears sublime..

Indrajit Ghosal.
------------------my 2nd English composition ,written at mathura CCD
sitting in front of the system,, and typing .I didn't know what I was to write, but then
once I started,, every moment , I lived..... In the Murky Corridors Of Pathos...
time-1.45am(wee hrs),,, date--25 aug 05..

The 1st english one was written way back in 2002, in praise of Anuj
my hostelmate..I didn't preserve it... he lost it..still we hang around
together,, though it's rare, for time crunch...
copyright(c)2006 indrajit ghosal

1 Sonatas:

    ....let your soul to cry,giving voice to your thoughts by words! let rhymes work ,keeping out the haggling's vocals! let your pains bring you to the same lane ! let your soul to cry! its your Destiny,Maestro!


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