Where's thy name.....

Forgotten , they have their names,,
their Loved ones once, jostled to gain....
from books, from kins, from discourses umpteen,,
Alas! it wasn't worth the pain...
Spewing toddlers, li'l they knew then,
while mumbling words insane,,
A chunk of their growing years,,,
would bear a blatant mark of profane..

For,, CHHOTU---yes, that's they are called,
today, with utter, spite and disdain..
rebuked they are for "sinning".
the very sight would give hearts pain..

Poor, Shabby Minions, Riches' handyman,,
call them with disdain,, hate them...
ands A blank look is all they have,,
that begs question "Whers' gone My Name?"

Well, care noneth , what they think,,,
for the trashy idiots Chhotu,,,
serving teas to people coming in.,,
are the skill testing grounds,,
for abusing impromptu...

day in and out, buried in utensils, so many,
table cleaning, sweeping the place,,
Every eaterie has a Chotu Dear,,
burying their dreams in hollow case..

A life of brooms, coals, breathing dusts,,
in the lights of mockery and shame..
The Losers (of name!!!!!),,never thought,,
so early, to earn the Chotu fame..

Master's Slave, Mongrels for those passing by,,
blinking nerds, dressed down they are,,
by the "gentle species",by the wiseacres,,
the slurs leaving them high and dry....

First ray of flipping dawn , they greet,,,
with drooping eyes, and mind...
not even a few hours they slept,,
"IF only tHe dawn could
have been kind........."

The mother's Li'l kids have Grown,,
Untimely,, in a different picframe,,
The Bards mockery comes alive...
"what's there in a name?"

the dictators offer -- too much to bear,,
meagre rations,broken dreams,,
Masters , can severe the ugly heads,
at slightest flaw, it always seems..

look at the poor gentle herd,
the domestic timid,,
the purest of heart, unfelt, untouched,,
so what, if they remain ever vapid....

One day, cometh a new dawn,
i wish , for you all,, i pray,,,
Amid the debris,, you'll rise,,
with the sun, with a vibrant ray..

your names, you will retrive,
you will retrieve the honour, i say,,
god bless the hypocrit idiot flock,,
Light will beckon for you,,,,,,,,,

Indrajit Ghosal...

for all those chhotu's----quientessentially, found in entire dhabas, gumtis,of India
serving us in eateries, and helping us to detoxify our slurriness, slangs,
by hurling towrads them......A DUSTBIN for the smuggy , hostile, uneducated cultural
CURSES, to purify their system....
THis piece is with utmost contempt, disdain, for the educated sober bastards..( cant think of a better title,, ehhhh ....a better NAME)..

6 Sonatas:

    "...god bless them who,merryfull
    serve the platter of food ..
    ..though been subject to skirmish by some nasty dude...
    ..I..just wonder can't u see the grin they have ....
    when u give them a rupee or two..
    ...Kill the bastards that make ..fun of them....
    as some li'l monkey in some kind of zoo.."
    .....U R really a great thinker ..my dear INDRO...


    that was really touching...


    hey man you must have written i by heart . nice stuff


    superbly written... this one really goes to significant ones that u seldom think about ...way to go BRO :-)


    A thought provoking thought...

    But I see the other side...

    Why do we have so many chotus?
    The answer is no long term planning.
    I read an article recently which says that many individuals who have gone through a tough life are now leading a comfortable and secure life b'coz they ensured that there kids were properly educated. These kids today as elders are having secure jobs and earning handsomely.

    So I feel instead of pointing finger at everyone else, if they strive to educate there kids.. life would be very different.


    wow, no 1 could have captured the life of the innumerable nameless chotus better!!!


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