The Journey--31st dec05

Evening dawns, with signs of darkness all around,
Everyone rushes to home, as dust flies with gay abound,
He sits, watching the din, and in the dusts he sees,
One smoggy morn, with haziness scattered to the lees..
His strides were fast,regaled, joyous he's in the Mind--
Unfazed time moves on, The World That day was unkind.

His Angel waits somewhere, the thoughts invoked strength.
So, confronting dark, he scurries, dwelling on "Divine Wealth",
hazards in the way ; with Thirst in Eyes he forged--he cared least,
Shrugging the toils, he stormed nearer.... and nearer-to his Eyefeast-
lonely soul wails often, he knows when she's not there,
separation lurks.yet he bears oodles of love for her share..

Craving with jitters to see hER, for once and who knows -For ever--
His frisson was unbound, as She came down Tiptoe-one stair to the other..
with fetching smile, godly beauty, and face sparkling with gaiety,
piercing his soul, His Angel stood, unflagging and Mighty..
Demure sweet, The princess is here, Hassles faded in dismay--
Such is The Charm of love-the one Glimpse Took It all away.

Most beautious thaa the word'Beauty' could be--
She's gracious, charming , as far as his Eyes could see,
the Black attire was regal that the princess, then wear,
her face lit thousand candles,as lasiness pure spilled over,.
he touched beauty in the eyes, of rainbow Dreams--
The junoesque moment took him to Eternity , it seems .

Chiselled in the heart, is the Image of love , till day--
he still hopes the Divine Entity, one day may pass this way.
he waits, and he waits, till roads bear a look desolate ,
she may come anytime, tiptoe tiptoe, though not so late.

Indrajit ghosal.

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