My FootbaLL Team

Hail, My Football team's Here,,Let me Introduce--
Stars' sparks and gusto,, \that they infuse,,,
SAMMY---debatable inclusion in the team though--------(thanks to m**m*)
Our last line of agony(defence!!), the goalie.Oh No!!
Difficult was to find a watchman , under the bar,,
So , let there be him(!!), may the party not Mar..
Now LOMRI---Lethargic, often invisible,
yet a very potent chap ,
rises to occasion, occassionallly,,can bridge,,
the defence and midfield Gap..
craftsman in disguise,,, content being Lazy,,
Jus need his few toches,, rivals can go frenzy...
Defence looks composed,, RuGO'S there, with huge task ahead,,,
to care Sammy, his own job,, .ensure, ball supply not to fade,
poised, defiant, also overlaps with much of load,
can inspire in the lows , can even goad..
NENU---the ballplayer,striker, always on the roll,
Knack for long volleys, thru passes, coulkd even lead to goal,,
a cunning crafstman: but I say, Withdrawn forward,; let him be
to save the lil fellow,from deadly fowls, more freekicks to see..
ODO--my ace card, striker-so suave and agile,,
Quick dribbles, deadly turns, could sweat you to befuddle,,
Up there, and the Diego-clan is one poetry on song,,
sheer magic, sharp mind 1 hypnotic stike ,, we long..
and i am there, somewher in the middle,
overlooking every move, tactics and hurdle,,
somwhere, between, mid and forwrad, i may prosper,,
can even go down,, when SHammy, needs a breather(uffff).

here's The team, for you,, world seems our ground,'
every trophy's ours, every win is profound,,,
anyone, can Name this team,i am passing out now,,,

I have doen enough,, Christen this team,, anyhow..

Indrajit Ghosal..
my dream team,, my world of utopia,,
(nos indicate th jersey nos,,)

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    awesome... thanks for the praises !!!

    To name it i think - "Dirty Half Dozen" :-)


    ..."SIX -'SHOCK-ERS"


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