A Prayer for The Enlightened!!

You get all my shares of happiness, and much more......
Of peace, of Bliss, of acme of success, May you soar,,
All, wishes, Unspoken, may Blossom, as each Rosepetal open,
Bouquets of fortune, May garnish your Life Joyridden,,

The Burdens of Pains----I'll carry thru' my life, and,,
And Even after That..
Guarding You form the Evils and Glooms,allying them
In My gritful tact,,
True turns Tapestry of dream, you weave,,, I wish,
as I end My Prayer..
And I don't want anyone,,I find you are there,,
with me,,,

Indrajit Ghosal.

2 Sonatas:

    The part from 'You get all my.." to "... your life joyridden"
    is said so beautifully that I'm tempted to use it whenever I have to wish well for someone...


    .. You forgot ask Him that,your final decision being irreversibil one.Be your prayer,recieved !Exciting !


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