The Unfelt Bliss.

Another Year beckons, where are you?
The Bard's ballads, his season of springs-
Moments I lived with you, are
the Moments gone I knew..
I still wait for you , can you hear the bell,
tracing to those days, still rings.

'Clinging to the by-gone days'-- they say
' is a stroke of compulsive lunacy'.
'Why,then o Bard, waste thy life
cribbing on futile thoughts,
and painful indolency'.

"Leave me to my own state,
I pleaded , to cease their 'naysay'.
"Waste isn't my Life since the time,
When You, my Dear,
to my heart, chiselled your way".

"As I visioned God, a mortal wouldn't see,
A new life dawned then,
a new vista glared with glee.
You remain elusive today, but please -
Abide With Me,
be in my heart Sweetheart, and let the glooms--
hide in your pristine sea".

"Doomsayers----God bless them, they know not
what 'Divine Love' is-
Intoxicated, let me be, -in you, with you,
as I can feel The unfelt Bliss".

Indrajit Ghosal.
copyright(c)2007 indrajit ghosal

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    I liked this one Indr... it was something deep...and touching for me..!!!

    have a nice day!!!


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