My Dear Bato/Our Dear Bato-- Our school friend

Last evening Bato, alias Somnath Mukherjee went on to live in another world-a world that would be an everlasting mystery until the the final beckoning. This is not an elegy or a lament for our dear friend.I am not counting all of his goodness nor do I intend to express my profund grief.
This is just a tribute from all of us Nobilians-the once-inhabitants of the famed De Nobili School, CMRI, Dhanbad for a simple and a honest guy , full of frolics and fun, with that childish element intact.
On behalf of Nenu, Lomri,Rugo, Chorbi, Lengti, Gondo,Odo and all other friends and kins-I dedicate this one for Bato.
This one is for you Bato.:)
We all love you.You are with us, within us.


A path that leads to the Immortal scapes,
A Paradise dwelled by Divinity's grace,
A journey abrupted by the Inevitable's usher.
When Death-"the leveller", outlived the earthly solace.

From an earthly song to a Celestial Opera,
From unsung dreams to The Truth's surreality(strangeness),
From Mamma's entwined heart to the Beckoning Wombs,
A passage from home to the undying Sabbatical.

Indrajit Ghosal

9 Sonatas:

    may ur frnds soul rest in peace!


    A touching, profound tribute to a dear fellow man. May he wander around as an angel.


    ... he was born on Life's ideea...and he died still thinking on It......


    somenath will be always be there in our heart. May his soul rest in peace.We all love him a lot.


    Bato, I will see you in heaven and I, like so many more, love you brother.
    You will be missed buddy.


    a very touching tribute to your friend 'bato'somnath....may his soul rest in peace


    God Bless you dear BATO ,let peace be with you , we will be always remembered amongst us as a part of the common soul of section 'C' 1999 batch's.


    tht was a gr8 tribute! may he find peace!


    i am sure ur friend has read this poem from wherever he is now.. the feelings r no doubt conveyed to him. may his soul rest in peace.

    about the poem .... it needs no comments. its beyond it.


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