A Heartbeat Away....

Desires seek the lost verse from time,
I lay awake, hopeful till Eternity,
And a Carousel of that chapter I hear,
I knew then, I was just a heartbeat away.

I travelled many roads, wicked and smooth,
I yearned for the glimpse Oh, elusive and why?
When holding the moist's presence in the eyes,
I knew then, I was only heartbeat away.

Wombs beckon from the sands of time,
I grope aimless, I roam asunder,
I ransack my world for Eternity's way,
Alas! which I found only a Heartbeat away.

copyright(c)indrajit ghosal 2008

13 Sonatas:

    wonderful, excellent and aggressive thoughts...

    keep it up..



    at least u found it, isnt that reason enuff to celebrate

    lovely poem, loved the flow n the words :)


    ....regal's cleverness exported on poetry area by originality's pursuits and finding's surprise!keep yoursef finding.....


    very nice poem ...i ll come along with you in your quest to ,see you through your utopia to realty . [:)] ..!


    You've always been an efficient man in blue! hats off bro :)


    i am speechless!


    great work indu, as usual!


    cant get better ..milord ..amen !!!


    Excellent birhu. Brilliant as usual. What powerful thoughts man. Keep it up.


    "Wombs beckon from the sands of time" - striking line!

    Beautiful verse yet again :)


    Profoundly thoughtful !! Amazing !!


    very nice....excellant thoughts....beautiful verse....keep up your good work....


    this is but the continuation of truly inspired verses...Oh! Dear Zeus! Please keep Euterpes close to this poet for a while longer....


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