Paths strewn with vices since ages across,

face smeared with layers of coldness gross,

nursing the tender hurted heart so gray,

that wounded many hearts, bleeds in disarray.

Many kind souls tendered the Sinner's world,

the Sinner echoed the feelings humble,

And lo! what came upon the Sinner often,

Those hearts he bruised,in acts of inane.

"Sinner, sinner," resonates the long void,

Salvation he seeks from all and Almighty-

he walks now to the awashed heartshore ,

Salvation awaits at the horizon's door.

Copyright(c)IndrajitGhosal 2008

4 Sonatas:

    I admire your deep thought.. keep writing..


    .....''Salvation he seeks from all and Almighty-
    .....Salvation awaits at the horizon's door''
    ...that suggests anxiety and my endless Divinity nedeeing as Sinner as I am between people....Good to think from time to time , thanks to YOU!


    1 of ur best


    A beautiful prayer of redemption for all the sinners of the world...


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