Eyes ..

"Lights" I said and then I saw,

those eyes gazing upon mine,

In glowing pure brightness,

in the moonlit hue sublime...

I touched beauty then,

when rose the Eyes Celestial,

I saw life in shades of Green,

and I saw dewdrops burn in a silvered sheen...

Eyes that commanded the oceans ,

and eyes that enslaved storms brutal,

Those eyes,then trembled shy and bowed,

when the autumn rain tickled from Heaven.

Eyes that know the secrets,

of the oceans and it's pearls,

Eyes that lead to landscapes of bliss

to a mortal , in rainbowed swirl.
copyright(c)2008 indrajit Ghoshal.

11 Sonatas:

    this is such a lovely piece of work :) mamma ki aankhen hai kya ya phir daadi ke aankhen? :P :P


    beauty is the word ! :)


    .....IndraGit : beautyes celestial'S painter......


    .....IndraGit : beautyes celestial'S painter......


    Really well phrased... There is a nice combination of power and gentleness in the poem...


    u know, i always comment nice or brilliant...but i think words have fallen short this time...1 of ur best works till date


    Wow, Indrajit, you outdid yourself here. Your best poem ever so far.
    It contains a Shakespearian spirit, of the sort "the face that launched a thousand ships..."
    Standing ovation to you!


    Such a lovely tribute to the mirrors of one's soul :)


    last 4 lines.. brill!


    I wonder ..how every time you are able to write so beautifully its a mystery ..! It was a solemn dip in the oceans of those Eyes ..Jiioooo Indro ..!


    how was the 'second' ;)


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