We Love You Bato....

"How many breathes more Bato?"
Just how many?
Every second counts they say.

Somewhere a drama is getting enfolded. A lost battle is being fought by you my braveheart.
No, you can not lose this.You can Not.

You-a short plumply built friend from my school days.
You-a frequent mate of mine at indoor cricket for many days, ever since your Jethi relocated.
You-Our simpleton.
You-the ever enthusiastic player, a devoted student.
You-Our friend.

I know and another guy knows of your secret childish liking for one girl. Well, yes that was your silliness you may say.

This post is not proclaiming about how We, how I remember you.

It's our way, it's my way of tribute to you.
This post goes for you.


3 Sonatas:

    ....God forgot all mistakes , less the last one ....thats why He took him.....may Bato has There angels liberty ....IF there IS life anymore!!! .... I hate collocation:I lost a good friend !I hate it!!!... Im near you Indragit with all my thoughts!!!!


    u r way too sweet indu :)
    i wish your friend could read it!


    A fitting remembering note.. to a deserving friend... very touching... can empathize with your loss.


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