Smile-- A Nonet

Lit the faint feel in twilights mellow,
Wade past all glooms in dazzling show,
Spring forever ripens heart,
golden moments behold,
everlasting glow,
radiance unfolds,
once more,

Tears--A Nonet

"Where thou lost O elusive? Appear.
ye dried or shying to sear,
Hear thy plea, O please let go,
Heavy heart ,seeketh thy flow,
Chastise, unburden,
sorrows, pent-ups,
I command

A nonet is never done to bring out the contrasts of emotions.These are two different Nonets.

A nonet has nine lines. The first line has 9 syllables, the second line 8 syllables, the third line 7 syllables, etc... until line nine finishes with 1 syllable. It can be on any subject and rhyming is optional.
Syllable Counting of the Write;-
line 1 - 9 syllables Where/ thou/ lost/ O/e/lu/sive/ Ap/pear.
line 2 - 8 syllables Ye/ dried/ or /shy/ing /to/ se/ar
line 3 - 7 syllables Hear/ my/ plea, O /please /let/ go
line 4 - 6 syllables Heavy /heart ,seek/eth /thy /flow
line 5 - 5 syllables Chas/tise un/bur/den
line 6 - 4 syllables so/rrows/ pent/ups,
line 7 - 3 syllables I/ com/mand
line 8 - 2 syllables te/ars
line 9 - 1 syllable Flow.

Indrajit ghosal

8 Sonatas:

    how do you do it again and again?

    u r truly a genius...


    Again an amazing creation!
    I'm really not endowed enuf to comment analytically against your write ups...
    so what i can is gv u a standing ovation...
    Smile n Tears both r so fine dat i cant kp anyone above da other...
    kp ur trend obverflowing...


    Brilliant !!!!

    the smile was beautiful
    i liked tears a lot they was u command it flow and let the burden out was simply superb

    gr8 ones Indr :):)


    I confess I did not know about this form of poetry. This is a very interesting write you posted here, bravo!


    Sneher indro ,

    Yet another back to back good nonet ....cheers ....!!
    Havoc ..!!Mindblowing .!!!

    eeetti ,



    I new it! you are my descovery....


    lovely... evrybdy cant write in nonete form but u master this art. kp it up.

    tk cr
    :) :) :)


    you know wat? u r amazing indu! you bring true meaning to poems!


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