a song for me-

A song for me i heard, far away it seemed,
While in your wombs mother, soft blessed hymn,
A naive desire for unborn glory,your chords echoed,
A prayer for an unripe story, silkened and slowed.

Mother once more-May I hear the voice pristine?
wombs beckon mother, bring me home, to your aureolar sheen..

A song for me I heard,A lullaby from a nearby land,
Granny cradled me, the soothened touch of her hand.
Entwined her fingers in mine, shadowed the kins of sorrows,
weaved dreams for her son's brightened, clear morrows.

Sit by me, May I rest my head holding your apron strings?
And I sleep with my fairy's sight,as sonatas of my bliss she sings..
granny once more,show me the brightest star yonder-
Where you promised one day, shiningly you would appear..

Indrajit ghosal

12 Sonatas:


    tht brought back memories..awesome as usual


    this was soooooo cute so full of love :):)


    ....Still needing love,any kind of love.....touched!


    Indra... liked it man...
    well, judging from writing quality not a single poem of urs can b commented bad or anything unworthy... its different if it fails to touch someone in particular... but i tell you most ppl wil b able to identify dese lines wid self potraits...


    This is a lovely, tender poem you got to create for the reader's sight. A pleasure to read.


    Lovely write... a real nice read... :)


    lovely words...you have crafted them beautifully & the song, we can really feel it...very nice!


    Whoa!!! Bravo Bro!


    Keep it rollin;)


    Brought tears to my eyes...Once again you seemed to have echoed my feelings.Take care.God Bless.


    Nice one, its hopeful, yet sad... I think wistful maybe the right word actually!


    You have outdone yourself this time round............



    Thank you for visiyng my blog. A lovely dedication to mothers/ women.


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