A Child-Widow.

Draped in colors of sombre white,
Sits clueless the small widow-child.
Losing her colors with one oldie's death,
maneless , a childhood maimed by fate.

"A Widow is a sinner, A sinner" said the Men,
versed in vedas, Brahmins the most sane-
"rip her from masses, a bad omen she is
Let the outcast dwell in widow's shanties"
"Worse than Death, a cursed shadow on the human clan,
Or die sati purified,and pray to be born again as A man"

"With the patters of rain, her legs shan't thrill to dance.
And she be fed twice, a spartan meals glance"
they said, "with His death , her desires must die,
half dead ye, talk in hushed tone , thou mustn't forget".

She would learn soon, when she would grow,
she's dwarfed forever, by men and their feigned show.
The norms denies a widow to love or emote-
tainted life , a forced loser, lifeless her thirsty soul floats.

Playground that's devoid of rainbow hues and greens,
For she wears the color of decayed and pitied weans,
one color unbetrayed remains the orange sun's flashes,
unrealized songs manyflew off in red with the ashes.

Indrajit Ghosal
Copyright(c)indrajitghosal 2007

11 Sonatas:

    i have never felt a widows grief this strongly b4...


    Great going indra..choke jol chole elo...kip up the good work...


    Monta uddash hoe gelo re ..!!Boro bhalo likhechhis ..!!


    this is an endless issue against women, it still a male dominated socity for most of them.
    the pain of that women is so well depicted


    All the second verse ,is the best depiction of that poor one[ but hurtful ! ''worse than Death '',NOTHING CAN BE !]That part impressed me so much... metaphors make the poem alive, i can see images,and thats great!


    Well words fail me... emotions are running so deep... wonderfully expressed..

    kudos to the master!


    Superb topic.. nice execution..:)

    May be its long over due i wrote on it too..:)

    Now u are an inspiration too... cheers!


    A sad but truthful report of unjust society.


    So heartrending and beautifully expressed...

    When I saw the movie "WATER" few months back,my thoughts were so similar.Was pleasantly surprised to see them in words here :)


    harsh reality expressed beautifully...



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