A wait for his Lollipop Lady

( A lollipop-lady is a person whose job is to help children/child , cross a busy road, on their
way to and fro from school, by holding up a sign on a stick telling traffic to "Stop").

Come soon please, O lollipop lady!
one toddler waits for guide,
worried eyes stared at the busy paths,
while cabs ,whooshed alongside.

blank-stared child lost his way,
stood lonely in shivers of dismay,
scared he felt to venture alone,
to reach home, amid lanes unknown.

little boy turned to gloom,
gloomy looked the dusk around,
others all paced to reach home,
pearls of tears to his eyes surround.

"God, send her please"-so the child prayed,
granny waited at home with many foods laid
the buzzing noise and crowded dins, "Oh,how long to wait?'
and the eyes looked faraway, from where the twilights fade.

I apologise for the abrupt ending here.

Indrajit ghosal

11 Sonatas:

    oh this is so beautiful
    the childs fear and yearing for guidance
    simply beautiful :):)


    there is novelty in style n ending...
    niceone... but not that good... i mean the standard u've already set, has roused my xpctation immensely... but thinking 4m a writer's viewpoint, wat bttr touch cud u hv gvn 2 it.. so myself lil confused... oops i'm caught in a dilemma...


    ......how many children are still waiting a lollipop lady? If yours lirics made me crying,iven just a little,means a lott !


    wowwwww....brilliant. loved it. but cud hv done much bttr. tk cr


    hey.. tht was superb! bt yes.. u can work on the ending.. yet.. beautifully written..


    Man this was a real nice read!!



    u know....although u feel u have ended the poem abruptly, i feel, therein lies the beauty of the poem...


    I think there is some work required on the tenses... just seems like you jumped tense... but may be it just me... but... i like style... and i like the short yet powerful story delivered well.. bravo..keep it going.... - shiv


    WoW..this is a lovely one...beautifully crafted words!


    A powerful text Indrajit!


    That was wonderful!So thoughtful and wonderfully expressed :)


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