in the dark..

'twas pitch dark, when lights went off,
Blackness swallowed guts, in tones of scoff.
I shiver, crumble, Night turned so eerie-
The soul strangulated, in Dark room scary.

They saw me-The dirty dark deadly Devils,
Alone i tremble, groping for Unknown evils.
Where to hide, where to seek the Light ?
To shrug the scare, to dance to life's Delight..

In one deep corner, to hide,shivering I ran
Fear, perspire reigned on the Fractured state's clan.
There they come! hark! I hear them all---
Trumpeting on my Breathing Corpse ,hurrying for Burial..

I feel choked, Am I Dying?
I gasp for air,I am Crying !

now ,Who the Hell, jives on my plight??
Playing tune familiar -to this pityful sight...!
Oh It's Morn, My evergreen nemesis chimes along.
Yes, I am Alive ! waking up to nature's song.
That was a dream, .or no that was not.
I remain in dreams awake.
So where was i caught??

Indrajit ghosal..
copyright(c)2007 indrajit ghosal

5 Sonatas:

    I agree the ending is not apt.. You should have let it be.. all ending maynot be relief or happiness coz life is not that easy...
    But, the thought it good..
    I must admit one thing here, the poem reminded me something about my past. I used to scared of darkness or night and while reading this poem I just remembered it....


    Indro ...i always said that u r great though may it be an description of fear of darkness brought me back the hint of how it feels at dark ..!!


    agreeing with the others, it reminded me of my fear of darkness


    somethin that would have definitely caught my attention...

    a good read, well written!

  was a terrible experience pending your sleep!...........sometimes we have to reconsidere our behavior revulsions and than we can explain ''monsters'' presence under the remember my own nightmares......Please,you are a dreamer,but think of nice things....who knows....


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