My first lyric--(i think so.)

here i am, today so far you are,
lies life bleak in vapid bizarre,
Eyes still vision the holy figure,
In melees, in melanges,In far and near.
miles gone for eternal sabbatical- the sleep-
reminiscences only remain deeper and deep...

The hallowed face,for a second even,
stays in eyes alive,amid the brazen(s).
passes wearied days and nights though,
The big life denies to drag, ,to forgo.
cannot utter the pithies and pangs,unseen-
such hapless and hopeless, i had never been..

silence speaks, as red eyes from all I hide,
aeons and ages gone, that I laughed hard,
Tales of spring days, I still sight,
tales of tears i weave, night after night.

copyright(c)indrajitghosal 2007

13 Sonatas:

    wow, very lyrical, like music 4 the soul


    Hey u r too peotic very very well written good words and language exploitation thnx for ur nice review




    nw ths z wht i call awesome... u'av got a new fan!!


    ya, i desperately need to ebb away
    delhi-summers. jokes apart,
    i am honoured,Invincible Dude.


    great work ,i m sure some day will be hummed by the lips of young and old...!!


    Sorry for the delay in reply was caught up with work pressures...

    Now to answer ur querry--- the best way to work as a freelancer or infact get noticed as one is to search for the email IDs of various editors of various magazines. The next step is to mail them ur writing samples... and third and the most imp step is to pray that ur peice impresses them and u catch their fancy...

    As of now thats the best way in which i can help ya...

    lemme know if u need any other help!
    Take care
    God Bless


    Abstarct... yet lying clues around to figur ethe ploy...:) nice work...if tahts your first... its a thumbs up..i had such lame one ..i dont even know wher they are anymore..:)


    TYPOS mean typing errors..spelling mistakes,wrong punctuations,etc...they are generally not tolerated in the poesy community!!



    The last paragraph is exceptional, i fell in love with this poem,you hav captured the mood brilliantly


    risking tht I may sound repeatative....

    I compelled to say tht You Have A Way With Words!


    ....and keep away your muse ,of any occlusion......


    "tales of tears"

    been through some of your work on the blog...maybe too young to analyse or judge but just one word to some it up ... BRILLIANCE! :-)

    ps: thank you for your encouraging comments :)


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