Heartbreak !!

Sauntering in the solitude, befuddled I was to see,
A damsel, beckoning me to splendid charm, to break free-
From-the bustling life, it's aspersions and out of Hoi-pollois,
hiding myself, somewhere beneath those soothing eyes.

I sawlife, in all hues, in myriad hopes umpteen,
I build a castle there, serene, and with all sheen,
Distancing from all, basked i in those alluring Eyes,
Hoping to see life there, out of it's ugly sighs..

dashed were my dreams, for how an idiot was I !
the eyes turned the other way, leaving me Dry,
Fool I may have been, slighted I am,
To fall for deceit ,admiring eyes of sham.
Reverie broke and i woke with a lesson worse,
To avert the eyes, beneath which
lay long passages of Curse...

Indrajit Ghosal.

copyright(c)2007 indrajit ghosal

8 Sonatas:

    hmm...u should have been born in shakespeares time, then instead of shakespeare, we would have indrajit ghosal


    shakespeare !! dont' know about tht.


    Incredible Indro ..!!


    excellent piece oh poetry !!


    To fall for deceit, admiring eyes of sham ...splendid ...WOW !!!

    Nice Lament ...dude this is one tight piece..


    thanks Abs Mukherjee,
    however, this is the only one
    i wrote for one senior, and
    in utter playfulness.


    Pain of Lost Love...

    Very Intriguing


    ....sometimes ,our solitude anxietyes push us to mistakes which in other circumstances ,we didnt make them....an old saying is ''destiny is made by ourselves''!we need Will to make that Infallible decisions......


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