That One Drop Of Tear.....

Barren lies the road, empty, solitary; so lies one Soul Accursed,
Silence adorns miles and miles, Longer breathes the Lonely Sighs,
Forgets the fickle world Me , you and all:when the stage is dispersed,
For whom, then O, peevish Loner, your sunken pair of eye Cries..

Sunburnt roads , burning the soul, charring the Dreams to despair,
Wretched soul looks around, Hapless, Even His Shadow's not Near !
Betrayed Bliss lost, lost to the land where reposes the Serene, and tranquil,
The Time, when the Sunburnt grass's touch made many an agony Heal--

Then sorrows were there-Even now the sorrowful sonatas sniff the Soul they bear,
Even now, the crude crasiness of destiny plays foul guiding to lands of Quagmire,
BUT TheN-the sunburnt grasses had sketches and mirages of the figures Drawn for A loner,
Gone they are-the Angels and the Guardians ,in" flowing tears of past "they seem to Disappear..

The Road today is barren , gust of winds burns the pain entwined in every Vein,
Rusty, dishevelled walks the Loner, bearing scars of The abrupt Weather's Bane..
Freting with thirst, maimed by life's loathe, He waits for The First Drop of Rain,,
It'll come--he knows. he soaks in this hope, in sun's scorching rays of Disdain..

Yes, He'll see them, and his shadow will be back, and the soul once again Breathe to Life..
But 'The One Drop Of Tear', he's kept safe, perhaps....would loose by then in the "Huge Strife."

Indrajit Ghosal.
copyright(c)2007 indrajit ghosal

7 Sonatas:

    wow....touching as usual.....continue to rock


    Tears are really trickling down from a pain stricken heart friend your not quite away from becoming "UNO" ..!!


    Keep it rollin;)
    What more can I say?
    Well, jus one word I guess- Impeccable


    ITs wonder pick of lines... and words...
    i truely applaused it...

    Some one once told me.. no wi tell you... its easy to write about sorrow and love broken or alive and pain in any form...

    what is truely a hard is to write about anything and bring the poetry out of it...

    I know you will be someone greatly read.

    Now go seize the destiny already written.


    I dont know what to say..
    You made me shiver..
    My heart went cold...

    What more can I say? Awesome? This word also doesnt do full justice to this..
    But I wont say keep it up. coz I dont want you to write such sorrow filled words simply because I'm not wooden enough to take it in without it having an effect on me and guess I am not ready to feel such intense emotion


    Every line every work was so full of meaning

    Simple profound and touchin

    good take the reader there

    Gr8 one pal :)



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