Saved Wishes for My Daughter...

One dream, I still Dream,
for you, my sweet daughter.
That you grow , and grow Mighty,
Beyond the Sublime zenith yonder..

Hold my Hands feeble, and here we go,
to the seas, to mountains, to the Springs and more,
To the rains , to the valleys of green,
together, to our delights , we'll explore..

I'll ride you to my secret world,
Which is for The special few
Where I dwell with memories of yore,
This time, -I'll visit with You.
There are pains , there are joys,
There are pathos profound,
In my world, there's also sweetness with You
also, there's memories Divine and Sound..
One Dream, I still Dream,
For you, My sweet daughter.....

Hide and seek ,we'll play,
I won't know the Places you hide,,
Every game you Win, mate.
let me cherish your joyous Sight.
We'll slide pass most beautiful books, and
dunk on best foods, with gifts regale,
On our way, we'll pack some
for them: On the Roadside They Dwell.
One Dream, I still, Dream,
With You.............My Dear Daughter..

We'll pray to our God,
To The God, whom No one else pray,
we'll swim in muds and ponds,
Care not we, wht the Onlookers Say.
We'll make our rules and we'll do break,
We'll smell the morning mist
and howl at the Loudest beat,
Dinner plates wd scatter to pieces around,
and then , we'd feel sorry,
regretting the "Rebel" Deed.
one Dream , I still Dream for You,
For You, my chweet Daughter..

I'll grace you conducts and manners,
and rules to abide by,
"Such Saintly this li'l angel"
your grooming evoking awe to passers-by.
I'll make new rhymes, and sing for you, Lullabies,
Crooning Life-lessons to your ear,
While you sleep, as I caress your mane,
Painting GoodNIght Kiss on the Cheeks there..

Will you sing lullabies, sweetheart?
when , my journey, will meet the end,,
Remember me, will you?, as a friend and a Father,
Everynight, Your "GoodNight Kiss", wherever i be,
, please Do Send

One Dream I still Dream
where are you , my daughter.............................?

Indrajit Ghosal
A Dream of a 24 yr old Mortal that he had visioned when he was 19yrs,
copyright(c)2007 indrajit ghosal

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    Very sweet indeed ..and a great thought too of adopting someone ..
    by god's grace i hope you fullfill your dream!!


    i wonder that while guys at 24 dream of lots of other things..of gals..of babes...there is a guy who could think this way...nd feel wat most of his age can never the way...what does nida means or rather means to u?


    wow, aapki jitni bhi taarif karu kam hai...u always manage 2 touch a chord in my heart


    This time i must say... m impressed..


    When i told you wriet some thing close something... not everyone wants to write splays out well... and this is impressive... i too like making a story enough to let them know what is on your mind... Nice work...very impressive...i sure there will more heart felt ones in the future...

    p.s why havent you commented on any of mine.. on going buddha? i'd like your point of view bro...



    Reading this poem today was a gift that gave me immense pleasure... moreso coz this gift was not meant for me but i still took it... i did not demand it but joyously received it.

    My father is no more... when i was born he had written a poem for me. My mother tells me it is his writing skills that i have inherited.
    i just hope that wherever he is today he knows that tho i might not have succeeded in fulfilling all his dreams but i have tried my level best to do so for sure...


    Man !!! everytime I run out of adjectives trying appluad your yet another piece... I salute you man !!!


    I used to think that only a female was capable to have such emotions even before having a baby but you have proved me wrong.

    I am so glad....


    Wat a beauty this poem was
    luved it


    ....we use to dream the best for our child....and you too,like a lovly Father you are!your world is so special ,of a few one...and your daughter will have her place .....,,you have dreams.''..i know... ''you are a dreamer.'' for you ,one for your daughter.....dont let the day to appair,so the dream will crumble......dont let it!.....


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